Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

Next time you or someone you know needs help writing a business letter, contact me. My grandmother made me write thank you letters after my birthday and Christmas from my childhood and my grandfather (a retired Army Lt. Colonel) emphasized the importance of learning how to type when I entered high school (as he served as a secretary to Army Generals and moved up the ranks that way before the days when women were in the military). Since then my writing skills have served me well, enabling me to earn 4 Master degrees with honors and author 80 books.

I would be honored to assist you in writing effective business letters. My business writing comes with unlimited edits until you are completely satisfied and approve of my work.

Among the many types of letters I write are:
– Resumes
– Cover Letters
– Business Proposals
– Fundraising
– Marketing & Sales
– Government Affairs
– Client Relations
– Claims
– Collections
– Complaints
– Authorization
– Acceptance
– Announcement
– Apology
– Appreciation
– Advice
– Applications
– Essays & References
– Personal Statements
– Invitations
– Persuasion
– Sympathy
– Conflict Resolution
– Resignation
– Wrongful Termination
– Workman’s Compensation
– Personal Injury
– Malpractice
– Real Estate
– Trademark/Copyright
– Cease and Desist
– Employee Rights
– Demand Letter
– Settlement Agreement
– Divorce Agreement
– Child Custody
– Defense Rebuttal

Paul F. Davis is a licensed International Educator who taught English for more than 8 years. Paul is a UCLA trained and certified University and Career Counselor. Paul has written more than 80 books and earned 4 Master degrees with honors.
– Educational Leadership (University of Texas)
– Global Affairs (New York University)
– International Law (Michigan State College of Law)
– Health (University of Alabama)

Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

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College Counselor, Career Counselor and International Educator Empowering Global Scholars

College Counselor, Career Counselor and International Educator Empowering Global Scholars

I am guided by a heart of compassion, curiosity, desire to connect personally with students, and pull them with passion toward their purpose to effectively engage them academically and motivate them to pursue holistic education, live purposefully, be their personal best without fear or apology, collaborate with their peers and teachers harmoniously, and accelerate their development joyfully to continually make new discoveries, live their dreams, make their mark in society and the global community, fulfill their destiny and leave a legacy to future generations.







Paul F. Davis is a licensed International Educator, a UCLA trained and certified University and Career Counselor. Paul has written more than 80 books and earned 4 Master degrees with honors.
– Educational Leadership (University of Texas)
– Global Affairs (New York University)
– International Law (Michigan State College of Law)
– Health (University of Alabama)

College Counselor, Career Counselor and International Educator Empowering Global Scholars

#CollegeCounselor #CollegeCounseling #CareerCounselor #CareerCounseling #UniversityCounselor #UniversityCounseling #CollegeCounsellor #CollegeCounselling #CareerCounsellor #CareerCounselling #UniversityCounsellor #UniversityCounselling

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Call Center Manager and Call Center Trainer for Global Call Centers

Call Center Manager and Call Center Trainer for Global Call Centers

Warm greetings from the sunshine state of Florida.

Please consider me to serve as your Call Center Manager and Call Center Trainer.

I have traveled to over 70 nations as a Corporate Learning Development & Talent Trainer, Worldwide Motivational Speaker, and Author of more than 20 Books serving the U.S. Military, Companies, the Travel Industry, and Universities across the globe for 15 years.

I excel at Public Speaking, Communications Coaching, Negotiations & Conflict Resolution, Social Media, Marketing, Writing, Public Relations and Networking.

I have earned 2 Master degrees (Global Affairs / New York University and Global Food Law / MSU) and a TESOL certificate (Trinity College London) to teach foreign learners English. I was an English teacher for 3.5 years instructing Asians, Latinos, Haitians, Middle Easterners and Europeans. Tagalog is very similar to Spanish a language I can speak.

I also received Executive Education in Marketing (Wharton Business School), Negotiations & Deal-Making (Harvard Business School), Mediation & Conflict Resolution (Hofstra Law School), Advanced Interrogations & Interviews (Reid & Associates – creators of the polygraph for lie detection), NLP & Life Coaching, Google & Media (Northwestern University) and Social Psychology (Wesleyan University).

It would be an honor to serve your Call Center in the Philippines.

My CV and references are available upon request.


Paul F Davis

Call Center Manager and Call Center Trainer for Global Call Centers

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Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products

Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products

Do yourself a favor and save money by buying Vitamin Code’s multivitamins which are far healthier than Youngevity. Here is why below:

Youngevity’s website does not fully disclose all of the ingredients in its “health” products, especially the harmful preservatives and petrochemicals.

In 2014, I bought Imortalium, Youngevity Ultimate Classic and Ultimate EFA.

The big print gives and the small (not disclosed on the Youngevity website) takes away.

Among the ingredients I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Imortalium are:

– hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (read Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases” and “Solvent Neurotoxicity” by Peter Arlien-Soborg to learn why this is unhealthy)

– pharmaceutical glaze (Why does a natural vitamin need a pharmaceutical glaze?)

Many unhealthy vitamin formulations and “health” companies use toxic solvents that harm the body and cause neurotoxicity. –

The solvent propyl alcohol is harmful to organs and makes the body susceptible to parasitic infestation. The solvent benzene causes leukemia and cancer, hindering the functionality of the thymus, weakening immunity and making the body prey for parasites and susceptible to AIDS. Wood alcohol leads to pancreatic dysfunction and leads to diabetes. The solvents xylene (or toluene) adversely affect the brain. The solvents methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butyl ketone (MBK) adversely affect the uterus of females and pave the way for endometriosis.

Among the ingredients I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Ultimate Classic are:

– CitriSweet (Though contacted repeatedly and given several months to reply via phone calls and emails, Youngevity never revealed what is in this ingredient.)

– Sodium Erythorbate

– Malic Acid

– Xanthan Gum

– Sodium Benzoate (Coca Cola and Pierre Water removed from its drinks because when combined with ascorbic acid it can become benzene – a harmful cancer and leukemia causing petrochemical removed from gasoline in the 1970s).

The ingredient I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Ultimate EFA (essential fatty acid) is fish oil from tuna, which is high in mercury and can cause damage to the brain and nervous system.

Youngevity’s business model is such that whenever I phoned the company I was immediately asked for a rep number, as if I were a salesperson working for the company.

Whenever I asked nutritional and health information, the sales staff answering calls never could intelligently answer my questions. When I asked for Dr. Wallach’s email to forward my questions, I was given an email for Richard Renton and Johnny Taylor.

Although I patiently and perseveringly emailed both Mr. Renton and Mr. Taylor, neither replied. Instead I received a generic reply from Rosary Martinez advising me to attempt to call Dr. Wallach on his radio program (not valuing my time, nor my health related questions related to Youngevity’s products).

Cassandra Zambrano was copied in Ms. Martinez’ email to me dated August 29, 2014. Yet neither of the ladies, nor anyone at Youngevity ever answered the following questions below:

1. What minerals are in the “mighty 90” Dr. Wallach refers to during his talks. List them all please.

2. What minerals (names and quantity) are in the plant based mineral liquid formula you sell under the name “Ultimate Classic” compared to what minerals (names and quantity within the formulation) are in the “mighty 90”?

3. Immortalium mentions a proprietary blend, what is in that? I have allergies to some environmental toxins and need to know before consuming.

4. EFA uses fish oil from tuna – what is the mercury content? Tuna is a larger fish with more mercury.

5. The Ultimate Classic contains – CitraSweet, sodium arithabate and natural flavors (please further elaborate on the ingredients within each).

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD (Neurosurgeon and author of “Excitotoxins”) reveals the many names MSG is under in the food industry, some being “natural flavors” and spices (among 12 or more others). MSG damages the brain and nervous system. Please elaborate and fully describe what is in your “CitraSweet” and “natural flavors.”

Youngevity’s customer “service” staff does not know and could not answer my questions.

COO of Youngevity Michelle Wallach (@MGWallach – married to the CEO), has not answered any of these above questions yet either (as of January 19, 2015). Ms. Wallach is welcome to comment here below and tell the Youngevity customers what it is they are consuming and explain why such questions go unanswered for months until brought to the light via social media?

In December 2014 when I phoned Youngevity requesting a full refund of their “health” products (which other reputable vitamin companies readily provide to unsatisfied customers – Vitacost, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, etc.); I was told by the sales reps they could give me a credit toward future purchases with Youngevity. I declined as obviously I am not impressed with Youngevity’s products, lack of knowledge, and customer service failures.

Do yourself a favor and save money by buying Vitamin Code’s multivitamins which are far healthier than what Youngevity is producing and selling. Saving money for the healthier option free of multilevel marketing sales reps is my preferred choice.

Paul F. Davis – author of “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2)

The Future of Food: Global Reform to Improve the Quality of Food & Public Health –

The Future of Food: GMOs, Bogus Science, Agroterrorism and Regulatory Reform –

Paul F. Davis is a World Traveling Food Writer, Restaurant Consultant, Wellness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author of more than 20 Books who has touched 72 Countries serving the U.S. Military, Restaurants, Companies, Cruise Lines at Sea, Churches and Universities across the globe. Paul has earned 2 Master degrees in Global Food Law (Michigan State College of Law), Global Affairs (New York University) and is nearing completion of a 3rd Master degree online in Health (University of Alabama).

References: Solvent Neurotoxicity The Cure For All Diseases Semper Fi: Always Faithful – expose of benzene in the water at Camp Lejeune – Excitoxins – The Taste That Kills

Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products

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Chipotle Mexican Food, Chipotle Corporate Social Responsibility Failures

Chipolte side entrance

Chipotle Mexican Food, Chipotle Corporate Social Responsibility Failures

As the author of “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2) I love Chipotle Mexican food, minus the canola oil (canola is a heavily genetically modified crop) in which it is cooked.

Unfortunately as confirmed by the Chipotle manager at Chipotle on Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida the entrance at Chipotle has insufficient lighting and people continue to trip over the curb and injure themselves.

The Chipotle manager I spoke with told me Chipotle painted the curb to try to prevent these type of injuries, but I informed the Chipotle manager the paint is not enough if the lighting outdoors is insufficient so customers entering CANNOT SEE THE CURB when approaching from the side parking lot.

The Chipotle lighting at Colonial Drive does not light the sidewalk entrance and curb, but rather a couple feet of the wall directly beneath the light fixtures themselves (not exactly what most store owners strive to accomplish when utilizing outdoor lighting at an entrance).

I tripped, twisted, fell and fractured my ankle on the curb outside Chipotle (which immediately swelled up to the size larger than a baseball when entering Chipotle Mexican restaurant in December 2013). I showed the Chipotle manager on duty and she told me several people have fallen over the very same curb at the Chipotle entrance.

My ankle has not been the same ever since.

For over a month since my injury Chipotle’s claims adjuster Patti Mann has shown little compassion, offered me nothing for my pain and suffering, neither did she ever provide me Chipotle’s corporate address to file a formal written claim. Hence I found Chipotle’s address via a website online and will proceed to file a claim.

Chipotle Corporate Office Address
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
1401 Wynkoop St Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202

Phone Number: (303) 595-4000
Fax Number: (302) 674-5266

Considering Chipotle earns $3 billion in annual revenue, as a matter of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and food integrity, Chipotle Mexican restaurant can and must do better less the good customers take their business elsewhere.

Paul F Davis – author of “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2)

Paul F. Davis is a Wellness Trainer, Health Coach, Nutritional Consultant, and Disease Prevention Speaker who has touched over 70 countries serving the U.S. Military, Companies, Luxury Cruise Lines, the Travel Industry and Universities.


Chipotle Mexican Food, Chipotle Corporate Social Responsibility Failures

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Interim Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Pastor – Need a Pastor

Interim Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Pastor – Need a Pastor

Teaching Pastor Bible Foundations Revelation Supernatural Power (video)

Recently I completed an application and answered a series of questions for churches seeking to hire a Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, and/or Lead Pastor. Therefore if your church, or a church you know does need a Pastor, feel free to forward this to them for consideration, prayer and reflection.

Likewise if your church is in need of reformation, heavenly vision, revival, renewal, a great awakening and a spiritual revolution you have found your man to spark a revival and move them Godward to mature in Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.

My divine mandate is to encourage people to find wholeness in Jesus Christ appeals to me. People are looking for encouragement, restoration and life principles to be made whole. Wholeness is in Christ Jesus body, mind and spirit (1Thessalonians 5:23, Colossians 2:10; 2Corinthians 5:17; Romans 6:4).

As a worldwide minister, life coach / counselor, and fitness trainer I have a unique ability to touch and transform people at three levels (spiritual, mental and physical).

Knowing, glorifying and sharing the love and life of God is my heartbeat and personal mission. I am committed to New Testament theology embracing multiculturalism, pursuing reconciliation, being multi-generational and culturally relevant locally and globally – essentially what the New Testament Church should be (Acts 13:1-4; Acts 6:1-7; Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15).

I understand the complexities and nuances of spiritual, social and economic development in a diverse urban context. Having lived in Queens (New York City), the most diverse county in the country, I am intimately acquainted with diversity. Moreover I have earned a Master degree in Global Affairs from New York University and ministered around the world having touched 70 nations.

I also have lived in the country away from the city and appreciate a slower pace of life giving one time to reflect and reconnect with his or her Creator. Nevertheless I value and enjoy both geographic and demographic contexts as each have their unique blessings, challenges and opportunities for a minister.

I desire to welcome and yield to the will of God to build and advance Christ’s kingdom locally and globally. Being a worldwide minister with heavenly vision, a heart for souls, a solid Bible teacher able to make mature disciples, and having the faith, patience and humility to release leaders to exponentially increase your congregation’s spiritual fruitfulness locally and globally; I can powerfully and passionately communicate the Good News of Jesus to your congregation, families, community and simultaneously impart an unstoppable spirit of faith to empower God’s people to live victoriously, be a blessing and impact society.

In relate well to different cultures having lived and traveled throughout 70 nations of the world.

For example in relation to the culture of Seattle and Washington State, I appreciate their organic food and rich Asian diaspora. I recently authored and published “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2) after earning a 2nd Master degree in Global Food Law.

As for Asia, I have lived and ministered throughout the continent for 4 years and also Pastored a Chinese English Congregation for about 3 years.

Living in Orlando, Florida I also speak some Spanish and have traveled from Mexico to Argentina being able to connect well with the Latino community.

African Americans and I get on well as I appreciate their rich spiritual heritage, struggle for equality, overcoming adversity and Africa itself where I have ministered repeatedly.

My inclusive multi-generational focus facilitates both church growth and personal growth. I was raised by my grandparents, for whom I cared in their old age to avoid putting them in a nursing home.

I therefore understand the challenges of the elderly (physically and emotionally). In fact I have overcome many physical challenges myself from life-threatening situations while in war-torn and impoverished nations, giving me a unique understanding of how the human body works.

My understanding and wisdom relating to health and nutrition can energize the elderly and add years to their lives and life to their years.

As for the younger generation with their mobile devices and smart phones, I can provide them opportunities to maximize the media and make an impact locally and globally, while simultaneously teaching them the blessing of being present and uninterrupted engagement.

I myself have generated millions of page views online through my videos, articles, pictures and blog posts touching and impacting people throughout the world.

In an age of information overload, we are increasingly being spread wide and thin like pancakes and coming up short as people as our relationships become more distant and less meaningful.

Present in body and absent in mind, mobile device users (though some argue they are “multitasking”) are in actuality less efficient and effective while having an IQ 10 points lower than their peers.

I value education and can help parents improve the academic experience and outcomes of their children. Likewise I can help the unemployed and those in transition reinvent themselves and further enhance their skill set to increase their opportunities in the marketplace.

Because personal growth and advancement in all areas of life is important to me, I can appeal to unbelievers and believers alike desiring personal transformation and a new beginning.

This present generation wrestling to be relevant in a global economy therefore has a unique set of challenges which I am well equipped to speak and minister to, while simultaneously using and leveraging their talents to spread the Good News of Christ to be relevant in society and make an impact globally.

Please contact me regarding any Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Pastor, Interim Pastor opportunities or if you do not need a Pastor presently, but rather are desirous of a visiting minister to come speak and spark a revival and renewal within your congregation to transform your church family and move them Godward to be different and make a difference in society.

I pray all the blessings of heaven and earth be yours in Christ!

Paul F. Davis


Paul’s books – is a Worldwide Minister, Wellness Trainer and Life-Changing Author of 20 Books including “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2) who has touched 70 nations winning souls, making disciples, training leaders, maturing churches and fulfilling the Great Commission.


More sermons to hear and consider when evaluating your next Interim Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Pastor ..or if your Congregation is in Need a Pastor

Speaker for Schools and Students

Prophetic Preaching for Breakthrough

Generational Speaker to Bring Generations Together

Angels vs. Dumb Preachers Full of Unbelief and Evil

Army Suicide Prevention Speaker – Overcoming Obstacles by Faith

Health and Wellness Speaker – Overcoming Depression

Personal Growth – Be a Lifelong Learner and Invest in Yourself

Emotional Healing, Be Real and Tell The Truth

Parenting Trainer for Teenage Discipline

Date with Destiny – Leadership

Overcoming Adversity Speaker to Empower You!

Speaker for Kids Making Wise Choices and Friendships

Student Leadership – Healthy Relationships

Listening and Loving – The Art of Communication

Tsunami Survivors at the Epicenter in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

God’s Love for the World, Tsuanami Epicenter

Also, here below is my resume should you want to compare me with other Interim Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Pastor candidates when you church is in need of a Pastor.

Paul F. Davis

Worldwide Minister, Bible Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach engineering breakthroughs in over 70 countries.  Empowers people to transcend their limitations and live their dreams.

Global Bible Teacher, Holy Spirit Led Preacher & Prayerful Minister
•    Biblical and relevant messages to win souls, restore lives, make disciples, strengthen families, and reform communities
•    Theological and doctrinal foundations grounded in the Word of God
•    Divine wisdom, knowledge and global experience to turn wayward hearts to Christ imparting newness of life
•    Compassion to love the lost, comfort the afflicted, and heal the wounded
•    Supernatural ability to hear the voice of God and minister divine power to break addictions, liberate the captives and heal the suffering
•    Fatherly affirmation to impart peace and emotional stability, while encouraging disciples to pursue their God-given destiny
•    Knowledge of health, nutrition, personal wellness and disease prevention
•    Mental health counselor and life coach for inner healing and transformation
•    Biblical economics, principles of prosperity and entrepreneurship success secrets to build the body of Christ and get God’s people out of debt

Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution & Team Building
•    Effective communication training, cultural awareness, conflict resolution
•    Exceptional interpersonal skills to interact with church leaders, laity, people and professionals throughout society.
•    Generational and gender awareness to build the body of Christ inter-generationally, speaking the language of the people in a relatable fashion
•    Interpersonal skills to build relationships, identify problems, resolve conflict, and creatively engineer win-win solutions
•    Strong verbal and written communication skills that convey feeling, ideas, thoughts, direction, leadership, influence, impact and achieve results

Leadership, Marketing, Church Growth & Administration
•    Leader to initiate tasks, lead projects, work cooperatively, supervise and train staff
•    Visionary leadership, church planning, goal setting and talent development
•    Marketing (in print, online), branding, economic intelligence, income generation

Pastor & Worldwide Minister
•    Pastor, Director – Regeneration UCF Campus Ministry (2001-2004)
•    Pastor – English Congregation, Bread of Life Chinese Church (2001-2004)
•    Evangelism, Inner City Outreach (1991-1994), Prison Ministry (1991-1992, 2000-2001)
•    World Missions and Christian Service – Rescue relief at Ground Zero in NYC during the first week of 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the Indonesia Tsunami epicenter; comforted genocide victims in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in Timor Leste during the war for independence prior to UN recognition; inspired students and monks in Myanmar; promoted peace and reconciliation in Pakistan; trained leaders in rural and war-torn east Africa; and fed the hungry in disaster-stricken and impoverished Haiti (1994-2013)
•    World Peace Scholar Nominee (2009)

Learning and Development Trainer
•    Florida Colleges Student Government Leaders Trainer (2013)
•    Enrichment Lecturer serving Cruise Lines at Sea – Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Voyages of Discovery (2009 – Present)
•    U.S. Military soldier and commander training – sexual assault prevention, U.S. Air Force & suicide prevention, U.S. Army (2009 – Present)
•    Teacher Training – Hillsborough County, University of South Florida (2012)
•    Keynote Speaker for Leaders of Integrity, Orange County, California (2012)
•    Hotel Human Resources Association of Central Florida – Keynote Speaker (2013)
•    Author of 20 Self-Help Books for Personal Enrichment (1998 – Present)

Life Coach, Mental Health Counselor & Wellness Trainer
•    Wellness Trainer for Optimal Health body-mind-spirit (1994 – Present)
•    Life Coach for relational and professional success, leadership strategies, overcoming adversity, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, organization reformation and personal transformation (1994-Present).
•    U.S. State Department, Diplomatic Missions – Foreign Service (2011-2012) U.S. Embassy in Timor Leste
•    Fordham University, New York, NY – Healthy Relationships Speaker (2009)
•    Seminole County Schools Mentor Program (2003-2004)
•    Camp Challenge, Easter Seal Society for Disabled (1993)
•    Personal Fitness Trainer –American Club in China, 24 Hour Fitness, Paramount Health Club, Bally Health Club(1995-1998, 2008)

•    New York University, Masters in Global Affairs (2013)
•    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Healthcare Communication and Cultural Literacy (2013)
•    Social Context of Mental Health and Illness, University of Toronto (2013)
•    University of California-San Francisco, Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (2013)
•    Michigan State College of Law , Master of Jurisprudence, Global Food Law (2012-2013)
•    University of Central Florida (UCF) Teaching Academy – Reading Instruction Training for Educators (2012)
•    Foursquare Church Planting Training (2008)
•    Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Training (2008)
•    Jack Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture (2007)
•    Life Purpose Coaching – Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Coaching Institute of California (2005)
•    Negotiations & Deal-Making, Harvard Business School (2004)
•    Transformative Mediation – Hofstra Law School and West Florida University (2005)
•    Theology, Spirit Life Bible College, Associate of Arts degree (1992-1994)
•    Marilyn Hickey Bible College Foundations (1992)
•    Benny Hinn, Youth Bible Training (1991)
•    Business & Communications (Liberal Studies) B.S., Cum Laude, University of Central Florida (1990)

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Soft Skills Trainer – Cross Cultural Communication

Soft skills trainer ( for cross cultural communication to cultivate emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and persuasion skills. Life-changing soft-skill trainer!


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