USAA – When an Insurer Withholds Information on Auto and Salvage Values

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August 4, 2008




Your phone call was received, but no previously mentioned questions were addressed, nor answered in your voice message. Please kindly respond in writing as my schedule is very chaotic as I attend to my physical injuries and visit various medical professionals throughout the day.


Since you are so confident concerning your salvage facility’s valuations, please kindly provide the name of said facility, along with the full report as to how they calculated the salvage value to my car.


As to your comment to reimburse up to $400.42 in sales tax, I need something more definitive and solid.  The language “up to” is very vague, intentionally ambiguous, and unreliable.


Since you “value my business and serving all my financial needs”, as you commonly state when concluding all correspondence to me, please kindly show such due diligence to me your fiduciary to whom you are legally and morally obligated. You may begin by providing me:


1.An exact amount in sales tax and fees for the replacement car.


2.The salvage facility’s name and full report as to how they calculated and arrived at their valuation.


3.The language in my USAA policy and the Florida statutes that you are claiming necessitates me forfeiting my car’s title to you.


Please show good faith by answering the above in full.  Your neglect in doing so thus far is prolonging the replacement of my insured vehicle (which my entire family relies upon) and perpetuating our pain, while intensely stressing out and burdening my entire family that trusted you our insurer to provide us a replacement car as promised in your policy.


Paul F Davis


ps. Please do not wait for a phone call to answer the above questions and concerns in writing.




Mon Aug 04 11:02:20 CDT 2008


August 4, 2008


Dear USAA,


Please kindly reimburse us for our next two weeks of rental cars under the uninsured motorist policy, while we wait for your reply to the Department of Insurance Regulation.


Your decision to withhold necessary information previously and repeatedly requested is intentionally delaying the process and prompt replacement of our vehicle.


I had to say good night and comfort a crying and weeping wife, distressed and demoralized by the fact that her father when visiting us in July spent his last $300 to attend to our car to ensure his daughter had a safe and operational vehicle. Now after being hit by a drunk driver the same day all repairs were finalized, we are being mistreated by USAA our insurer who is failing to exercise the utmost good faith, entirely disregarding our interests, and violating we the fiduciary.


Paul F Davis






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