Making Champions – Making of Champions!

Making champions is a process indeed

First it begins with desire for which we bleed

A burning desire to which we dedicate ourselves

Focus our vital energies and shut out all else

Endurance keeps us and carries us fully through

When we think to quit, complain, and make excuse

An encouraging coach fires us up and lights our fuse

Invigorating our fiery passion and renewing our vision

Providing necessary direction and a purposeful mission

To which we can give and lose ourselves with inspiration

Until ultimately with exhilaration we arrive at our destination

Putting feet to our faith, yielding to desire making us a champion. – International Motivational Speaker and Life Coach building dreams, breaking limitations, and transforming individuals and organizations.

Paul F. Davis is a world-changer who has touched over 50 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 14 books and premier life coach building dreams, breaking limitations, and transforming individuals and organizations. Paul is a change master that knows how to play with pain, while elegantly and humorously navigating through transition and riding the waves of change.

– Paul worked at Ground Zero in New York City the first week of 9/11, two stops from Brooklyn Heights where Paul used to live. Paul drove a rental car up to NYC from Orlando, FL as all airports were shut down for national security reasons.

– Paul helped a Muslim young man rebuild his home at the tsunami epicenter in Indonesia and spoke to tribal groups in Wamena who are “naked and not ashamed.”

– Paul comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda and Burundi where 1.2 million people were slaughtered.

– Paul spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war for independence before the UN recognized the new nation.

– Paul addressed University students and monks in Myanmar working together to achieve democracy.

– Paul spoke throughout war-torn East Africa journeying deep into the “bush” where villagers have never seen a white man.

– Paul lived in and lectured throughout India and China the two largest populaces on earth.

– Paul journeyed to Pakistan twice since 9/11 to speak to large audiences about peace, non-violence, and reconciliation.


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