Thrifty Car Rental – Blue Chip Member

I have been faithfully using Blue Chip Thrifty for several years and just discovered you have not been crediting my US Airways account, nor my Delta skymiles account.

I am a consumer advocate, author, publicist, and blogger.

Please take all Blue Chip miles and add to my US Airways account above immediately.

Please confirm when this has been taken care of.  I am tired of talking to people in the Philippines at your 888-400-8877 who have no power to do anything, nor an ability to serve your customers as you don’t give your Philippine reps access to your online system. Hence they cannot serve your Thrifty customers and when they are at a loss concerning what to do, simply say phone 888-400-8877 for help, which just re-routes the call back to the Philippines.

What a horrible level of customers service at Thrifty.

Paul F Davis – consumer advocate

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