Beyond Google Analytics – Track Web Traffic, Dominate Your Niche, More Powerful than Taguchi w/ AIDA

Whatever you’re selling online, sell it better by testing and optimizing your pages in 100 visitors or less.

Take your testing results to the absolute max! Knowledge is power!

Test sales letter elements with visitors to maximize your conversion rate!

This special testing method uses advanced mathematics that automatically creates the best combinations of AIDA elements and pinpoints which is the combination that will return the massive profits and loads of new customers.

Let us do the complex calculations for you! You just sit back, relax, and watch your sales letter evolve into a non-stop profit-pulling machine.

Spike your conversions! Crush your competition! Live like a celebrity!

1. Keyword Tracking with AIDA – Save countless hours setting up your PPC campaign stats on Excel and doing all the math yourself. Enjoy our built-in system for tracking every keyword you use, which tells you the most profitable ones. Plus AIDA on every keyword.

2. Affiliate Sales Tracking with AIDA – Stop calling and begging merchants to place your code on their thank you page. This works automatically.

3. Split-Testing with AIDA – Split-Test any websites and get results back almost immediately even without any sales or actions made. You can easily split test up to 3 URLs to test different landing pages, headlines, products to blast your sales in no time flat.

4. Taguchi + AIDA Combo Testing – Transform your laptop to your personal ATM machine. This has at least $997 value alone.     

5. Import Clickbank Sales Report – Even if you don’t place the code on the thank you page of affiliate program, you can still track sales and conversion rate.      
6. AIDA-track organic search engine traffic – Track any of your existing webpages. Simply place a generated code on ANY page and it will generate an eye-opening AIDA statistics.

7. Complete Ad Tracker That Tracks Everything – You can easily see where all your traffic is coming from, whether it’s a banner ads, email promotion, partner sites, or PPC. So you can immediately see which of those traffic sources is performing well.     

Tracking a webpage has never been this powerful & simple!

Save countless hours of your life and thousands of dollars in unnecessary click costs on projects for you and your clients.

Be savvy and on the cutting-edge ahead of marketers.

See every affiliate sales page on the Internet through x-ray vision.

Design a sales page optimized for battle…

Stop guessing which headline will be the one to send your conversions through the roof…

Know the real numbers behind your marketing instead of making them up or guessing…

Have total control over your conversions. Know your bottom line and take your marketing to the next level…

Catapult your business to the next level and get miles ahead of the competition.

Managing unlimited campaigns from one central server – Whether you use the hosted or the standalone (installed in your own server) version, you’ll be able to manage as many campaigns, test, elements, URLs, and keywords as you like, with total freedom and without any restrictions whatsoever.     
Powerful, useful statistics – You’ll be able to get day-by-day stats and sort them by any particular data you like. It will allow you to track visitors, conversion rate, sales/actions, conversion rate, AIDA calculations, and revenue per visitor for every URL and keyword.     
With its integrated AIDA feature you can test dozens of changes to your copy at the speed of light. Filter out the winners and test them with the integrated split-test system. Slashing the time it takes you to skyrocket your profits.      
Save thousands of dollars by avoiding purchasing unnecessary software. It’s an all-in-one tool that includes conversion forecasting (AIDA), standard A/B split testing, and detailed keyword tracking, and you only have to invest a fraction of the amount only one of those tools cost.     
Ehance ANY marketing campaign and send your sales conversions through the roof. Skyrocket your earnings with EVERY marketing method including…
·   Google Cash
·   Product Launch Formula
·   Butterfly Marketing
·   Bum Marketing
·   PPC Affiliate Marketing
·   SEO and Web 2.0 Traffic Generation
·   And everything else

Whatever you’re selling online, sell it better by testing and optimizing your pages in 100 visitors or less.

Find Your Money In 100 Visitors Or Less…
– Faster and more powerful than Taguchi…      
– Sets up in 10 minutes flat…      
– Tracks AIDA in less than 100 visitors
– Blast your conversion rate sky high…
– AIDA tracking feature assures you’ll never waste precious launch day traffic on a faulty sales page…    
Skyrocket your conversion rate overnight and…

   – Immediately earn more money …      
   – Transform your losing business from into cash machine …      
   – Dominate your niche and crush your competitors…     
   – Have JV partners begging to promote your product …      
   – Do it over and over for as many pages as you want …    

Apply this formula to any pre-launch affiliate website so it generates profit right from the beginning. Never lose out by sending your precious launch day traffic to a faulty sales page.

This revolutionary testing software will optimize every aspect of your marketing campaigns.
Incredible testing software that literally predicts the success of your sales campaign, right down to the keywords.

It works wonderfully whether you’re a veteran marketer or total newbie.
You don’t have to be a math genius to figure it out.

Google Analytics is very limited and can’t touch this! Besides who wants a multi-billion dollar PPC company tracking everything you do on your website?

Copywriting “gurus” just critique letters and cost more money, but don’t produce results.

Get serious!

Test efforts where you truly need them. Discover which part of the AIDA formula is breaking down on you.

Focus your testing efforts where you need them, instead of endlessly guessing.  It’s like having a magic genie tell you what to fix on your sales page – and ‘poof’ the money starts rolling in!

That’s what I’m talking about.

Identify every hole on your sales page and plug them without wasting a ton of traffic.

Locate which affiliate’s headlines, subheadings, and keywords are converting best and use them to instantly build your ultimate affiliate sales page!

Bust the money dam wide open and begin living your dreams!

Develop the hottest affiliate programs and stuff money in your pocket by cloning their success.

Establish a winning campaign from complete scratch and generate steady passive income via pure effortless profit.

Take as many affiliate programs as you want, and get true, live results telling you which one is a loser and which is a total goldmine.

You can ditch out the ones that aren’t profitable and focus on the ones that ARE profitable, all this with a fraction of the time and the money it would take you if you were doing it the old-fashioned way.

Test Dozens Of Headlines 10-100 Times Faster than Taguchi and Split Testing.

Maximize your profits by Focusing on your Winners

Remove the complications from Multivariate Taguchi Testing

Specifically test several changes (like a headline, font, graphics, etc) at the same time.
With Taguchi multivariate testing, you can test all these different elements and get results with just a small fraction of the time, traffic, and cost it would take using standard split testing.
Take Your Marketing To The Next Level and Far Beyond

Blast your competition into oblivion!

Convert sales and get immediate results.

# # #

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level and Far Beyond

Blast your competition into oblivion!

Convert sales and get immediate results.

Paul F Davis – worldwide professional speaker, author, and life coach


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