Declining Dollar and U.S. Economy – Greenback has a Heart Attack

As the U.S. economy tanks and the dollar declines many on Wall Street and throughout global financial markets are anticipating the ultimate death of the dollar when the greenback eventually has a heart attack.

Unfortunately as Washington D.C. has shown historically, corporate bankruptcies are commonplace in periods of economic decline as fat cat CEOs leave with the dough, and taxpayers are left picking up the slack for corporate greed and ill management.

When Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehmon Brothers, and Meryll Lynch all go bankrupt rest assured the U.S. economy is dead. With a 9 trillion dollar deficit as a nation currently spending hundreds of billions of dollars needlessly to fight a war in Iraq, the United States knows no economic restraint.

Corporate bailouts and corporate welfare will only serve to further weaken the dollar and drive OPEC toward the Euro, Yen, and other currencies.  That being said as an investor and savvy consumer, the best way you can protect your money is to learn about foreign currency exchange and be far ahead of the curve before banks in your neighborhood declare bankruptcy, freeze your savings, and diminish your dollar overnight.

Go to and make profits trading currency. Don’t be like millions of Americans losing their hard earned savings, investments, and income to a dying dollar. 

Awake to the reality that America is not indefeatable.  If you didn’t learn this lesson yet from the terrorist attacks of 9-11, you may have to repeat the pain of ignorance and arrogance when the dollar dies and your savings & investments dwindle overnight.

Paul F Davis – worldwide speaker, prophet, and prolific author of 14 books including United States of Arrogance

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