Protect Your Savings, Learn from Foreign Central Banks and the Super Rich

In uncertain economic times as these when U.S. banks, government institutions, and the FDIC itself is nearing bankruptcy… don’t be unwise and bet on big brother to take care of you. Let’s not forget the United States of America is the world’s largest debtor nation with $10 trillion and counting amassing billions in interest daily.

Given America’s troubling foreign policy by which it irritates and alienates many of the nations holding its debt and Treasury bills, it won’t be long before the nations of the world and OPEC say no more and opt for other currencies over the dollar.

Be discerning and diligent to guard your hard earned assets and protect your life savings. Learn from the foreign central banks governing monetary policy of nations and the super rich, who diversify their currency reserves and are increasingly adding their holdings of gold, Euros, and Chinese yuan while dumping dollars.


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