College Student Leadership Success Secrets: Choosing, Serving & Leading Student Campus Associations

My alma mater UCF has a huge amount of student clubs, organizations, associations, fraternities, and sororities. Honestly such an overwhelming amount of social, organizational, and leadership opportunities can be down right mind boggling.

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If you’re anything like me, you may need some simple steps to help you consider when to begin on your college campus when considering joining a club, organization, or student association.

Here are some secrets for college student success that will serve you when choosing a club, organization, or association.

1. Choose a group based on your personal interests and inner affinity.

Don’t be enamored by the biggest and the loudest group on campus. The most vocal club, organization, or association may not particularly be the ideal fit for you. If big parties and all night craziness is your thing, than perhaps so. However most of us will probably want a little more than just the social element to a college student club, organization, or association.

I suggest reading each club, organization, and association’s vision and mission statement. UCF has an easy to use, college student friendly website at the student union where much of this information can be accessed and easily browsed through.

If your campus isn’t as internet savvy and friendly, visit your student union and get any printouts with such student club, organization, and association information. Every college and university is different, so inquire as to what is available on your campus.

Then based upon your major, interests, hobbies, and desirable career choose a club, organization, or association that works for you.

2. Be friendly, helpful, and listen attentively.

Avoid walking into any club, organization, or association and projecting yourself as the know-it-all. Such a person is rarely welcomed and often immediately ostracized, if not down right alienated from any meaningful interaction.

Enter as the new kid on the block with a heart to help, serve in any capacity, and listen attentively. This attitude and heart will serve you well and always compel people to be friendly to you, while also propelling you to the top because you are likable.

Pleasantries go a long way when pursuing purposeful living with people. Arrogance and pride conversely will kill any momentary progress you may have made and quickly jade and persuade people to turn against you.

Therefore choose to be the likable guy or girl, who is friendly, helpful, and willing to serve however you can.

3. Learn from others older and more polished than yourself.

As I’ve always said, show me your friends and I will show you your future. Association leads to assimilation, both academically and professionally. This is why doctors have to do internships before they begin their professional practice. Being around a skilled and established professional undoubtedly will rub off on you and cause you to learn and pick up things you otherwise would never learn.

Observation and association lead to skillful and professional assimilation, which books alone can never accomplish. Knowledge does not equal know-how. Therefore who you know, esteem, associate, and interact with is extremely important to ensure you continued personal growth and success.

Therefore serve quality people when they surface in your midst. Honor, respect, and nurture relationships with winners who have the ability to impart truths and skill sets to further your own success. Walk with winners and be enlarged to live your dreams and fulfill your destiny.

Remember when the tide of the sea goes up, all ships in the harbor together rise. Therefore do not be intimidated by others success. Honor, celebrate, and learn from those who have preceded you and proven themselves to be successful.

Success can be taught, caught, and generatively passed along like a baton in the decathlon.

Happily put these 3 powerful college student success secrets to immediate use and your life will soon be moving magnificently to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you concerning your recent success stories and vision for the future.

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