Ministers Money Making Success Secrets: What Denominations, Bible Colleges, Seminaries & Churches Don’t Teach

As a worldwide minister I learned the success secrets denominations, Bible colleges, seminaries & churches don’t teach ministers. It wasn’t easy. I struggled financially for years, believing the illusions denominations, churches, ministers, and many pastors tried to sell me as a young minister.

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After 15 years I realized God alone wasn’t going to bring me wealth, success, and financial independence. I had to put feet to my faith and strategically do something specifically. Undoubtedly, to do the same things year after year repeatedly was not working.

Yes, countless people were being blessed, but I was being short changed and left empty financially. That is until I finally began to figure out financially how ministry works, or can work so you can do well by doing good. Otherwise without making the necessary adjustment I would continue to struggle for decades and leave both myself and my family angry and disillusioned at God. Certainly this was not helping me, my family, nor anybody.

Truly it is sad and pains me to see ministers struggling financially, believing God wholeheartedly, and being so dynamically gifted. There must be some success secrets ministers have failed to discover to connect their word power & knowledge of God to the wealth they so desperately need to achieve success and financial independence.

As I traveled throughout the world and began to honestly examine the reasons why people were asking me to come speak and minister in their churches, I discovered some very revealing points.

1. Ministers throughout the world are struggling financially.

Some immediately think of third world and war-torn nations. Certainly they are struggling there, but in America ministers are struggling to survive and get by daily as well. Relying on people to sporadically give a tithe or offering is not working, nor ensuring ministers the success they desire.

2. Ministers throughout the world have not properly and thoroughly been taught how to prosper.

Most denominations, Bible colleges, seminaries, and churches simply teach ministers to give saying, “You reap what you sow.” Quoting and obeying giving scriptures alone does not ensure your prosperity. Unfortunately, many people look at tithes and offerings as a guaranteed lottery.

3. Ministers want to grow their ministries, churches, and bank accounts even though they may not communicate such publicly.

Yes, ministers deeply desire to have a transformative impact upon the people to whom they minister, but the same time ministers want to do well themselves, while they do good.

What good is it for a minister and his / her family if they give of themselves continually, tirelessly, and consistenty only at the end to be found and come up wanting financially.

Let’s face the facts, ministers do not like being broke, busted, and disgusted. When they are they become angry at God and disillusioned about ministry. Thereafter if such is not resolved, their anger toward God leads to bitterness, backsliding, and the end of the minister’s ministry altogether.

So the question remains, why do ministers have such a hard time with success, financial independence, and making money as they do ministry?

If you are a minister (or former minister) and are presently angry at God, disillusioned, or bitter I would love to hear from you and know your personal story.

Invite worldwide minister, professional speaker, and life-changing author Paul F. Davis to speak to your ministers about success secrets, money making, and breakthrough leadership!

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