FDA says avoid pistachios & salmonella not its dangerous approved drugs

Federal food safety officials warned Monday that consumers should stop eating all foods containing pistachios while they figure out the source of a possible salmonella contamination.

If only the FDA were as earnest in warning about the deadly drugs they approve and lead us to believe “appear” to be ok to use. Remember Vioxx, which the manufacturer / drug producer knew years in advance was deadly and caused heart attacks, but had to maximize its profit margins for some years before killing thousands. Of course the FDA approved it so it must be alright?

Still reeling from the national salmonella outbreak in peanuts, the Food and Drug Administration said central California-based Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., the nation’s second-largest pistachio processor, was voluntarily recalling a portion of the roasted nuts it has been shipping since last fall. A Setton spokeswoman said that amounts to more than 2 million pounds of nuts.

“Our advice to consumers is that they avoid eating pistachio products, and that they hold on to those products,” said Dr. David Acheson, assistant commissioner for food safety. “The number of products that are going to be recalled over the coming days will grow, simply because these pistachio nuts have then been repackaged into consumer-level containers.”

I’ve had salmonella (typhoid as they call it in Thailand where I got it) and it’s no fun. Symptoms are high fever, chills, followed by profuse sweating, urine the color of coca-cola, nausea (loss of appetite), and extreme fatigue & weakness.

I knocked it out with antibiotics, but it was a dreadful experience.

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