Laura Bush, First Lady Opens Up About Life in the White House

Scribner secured former first lady Laura Bush to write her memoir due out in 2010, which Laura Bush did quite well financially on beforehand. Mrs. Bush got a seven-figure advance for signing on with Scribner.

Although not the $8 million former first lady and now secretary of state Hillary Clinton received after she left her eight year stint at the White House along side President Bill Clinton, Laura Bush has done well for herself. What I most like about her is Mrs. Bush has done well doing good.

No intellectual slouch, the former librarian worked diligently on education policy during her years at the White House, while also earnestly advocating womens’ rights worldwide. What impresses me most about Laura Bush is her willingness to travel to 76 nations to be a spokesperson and exert her influence on the world stage for womens’ rights.

Among the war-torn nations visited by Laura Bush were Burma, where she battled for human rights and democracy; and Afhanistan which Mrs. Bush visited three times to speak out against the oppression of women by the Taliban. Mrs. Bush’s weekly radio address on behalf of her husband and President George Bush, gave her a global platform to allow her voice to be heard as she championed the cause of womens’ rights and freedom.

Happy to be home in Texas, I hope Mrs. Bush will continue to fight for womens’ rights worldwide. author of Empowering & Liberating Women among 17 life-changing books written by the worldwide speaker who has touched over 50 countries and 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally globally and empowering humanity to live their dreams.

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