Myspace & Facebook Freakonomics Invades Social Networking

Myspace and Facebook freakonomics are on the rise. With businesses, business owners, and entrepreneurs increasingly using myspace and facebook to pitch their product and service; the social networking websites are quickly becoming annoying.

What originally was invented to be fun and a platform by which we could stay in touch with friends has now been prosituted to sell online ads and reap pay per click revenue.

Facebook has so many goofy features for freaks to annoy us such as:

– Tell me when it is your birthday (which then wants full access to all of your personal information – uh, I don’t think so!)

– Questionnaires by “friends” to complete about all of your likes and dislikes (maybe you should find somebody else to annoy, not your friends with questions like these)

– Can I be your “best friend” (No! Because then I am somehow obligated to you. LOL)

– Everybody under the sun asking you to join their group …and blasting you into oblivion about their every event (which you frankly don’t care about)

– Writing on your wall and commenting on your space (Go find somewhere else to write you bs rather than on my personal page, space, and wall you parasite!)

So myspace and facebook is a phenomenal place for freaks to emerge, particularly those with no social life or real life. Freaks can live vicariously through their Internet fabricated and created persona.

Freakonomics for all by way of myspace and facebook!

Yippie! I can’t wait for the next freak to try to sell or promote something on “my” myspace and facebook pages. – consumer advocate, worldwide speaker, author of 17 life-changing books

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