Fathering a Country: A Must for Presidents, Politicians & Pastors

Fathering a country is rarely something we hear about in politics, government, and our places of worship. Yet it is the very thing we most need. In an era where families are fragmented, fathers are absent, and mothers are multifaceted to sustain the family; we have great need of fathering.

Beyond the political partisan divide, governmental agenda, and administrative ideologies; we have great need of fathering. Fathers assure, encourage, uplift, embrace, hold, nurture, and unconditionally love us. Fathers aren’t full of colorful rhetoric always, nor are they given to flag waving ceremonies endlessly. Our fathers words however (even if just rarely uttered) pierce and penetrate our hearts. A father’s words carry weight.

A father like no other can feel, heal, and help us through hard times. This is what we need from our presidents, politicians, and pastors. Sadly in this generation many have become self-serving and sold their souls for personal gain. As the dollar continues to further decline as a currency globally and real estate markets surprisingly go south, perhaps circumstantially our fathers will be given a wake up call. Just maybe we as a nation can return to what matters most – loving, nurturing, and uplifting one another.

Just maybe we can move beyond our ideological egos and the arrogant quest to be right to draw near in brotherhood to hear one another’s hearts and break bread. Just maybe we can lay down our pompous pride and pontificating need to sermonize long enough to listen to a hurting heart. Perhaps we can avoid prematurely speaking and hastily deciding long enough to think things through and become fully acquainted with the issue.

Just maybe we can leave our high towers and places of prominence long enough to get down among the poor suffering souls in our cities to understand how they feel and observe the battles they daily face. Just maybe we can begin to awake to the hurting around us, even nearby in our own places of work and within our immediate family. If that were occur, we might actually be able to extend a loving hug and give a kind word.

Oh my, if we were to show love and let the fathering heart within come forth, our children might willingly obey us, our constituents happily volunteer to help us, and our wives sincerely without angst feed us. If we could just say thanks more often, express our heartfelt appreciation, shed our fine threads, and get dirty a bit we might more easily connect with those we need the most.

Instead of lofty goals and clever strategies to appeal to the masses; perhaps by heartfelt service and tender tears we might more easily love and lead with a servant’s heart.

Therefore let the father’s heart come back again and within us let it start!

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