Swine Flu – Japanese Encephalitis, Pork & You!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that students at a city high school were infected with swine flu.

New York officials previously had said they were eight “probable” cases, but tests later confirmed that it was indeed swine flu. Mayor Bloomberg trying to downplay the disease stressed that the cases were mild and many are recovering.

The city is awaiting the tests of additional samples to see if more St. Francis Preparatory School students were infected.

About 100 students complained of flu-like symptoms at the school.

When I was in Malaysia, an outbreak of the Japanese encephalitis among pigs was so bad the Malaysian military was brought in to shoot millions of pigs. Chinese pig farmers lost a tremendous amount of money. To my utter astonishment when I went from West Malaysia to the more poor East Malaysia, many in the villages did not know there even was a Japanese encephalitis outbreak of disease.

The family I was staying with in fact offered me pork ironically for lunch. I immediately refused and advised them about the widespread disease in their country.

I immediately thought of the Seventh Day Adventists and kosher Jews back home who wisely forego eating pork for religious and dietary reasons. Considering the Japanese encephalitis virus is amplified in the blood systems of domestic pigs and wild birds, it is most likely some bad pork the school cafeteria served students caused the swine flu.

The school where I teach has had a similar issue with kids being sick, but nothing was linked to pork. Not surprisingly many Americans (and that includes some school cafeteria workers) know little about health, sanitation, and disease prevention in food.

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The Japanese encephalitis virus is amplified in the blood systems of domestic pigs and wild birds.


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