Customer Service Trainer for Customer Service Managers & Customer Service Reps

As a worldwide speaker, life-changing author, and executive consultant I never in a million years would have anticipated training customer service managers & reps. However by reason of my global travels, cross-cultural interaction, understanding of the geography of thought, and interpersonal intricacies of the many ethnicities worldwide I stumbled upon this opportunity to serve the customer service sector.

Of course my training in negotiations at Harvard Business School, conflict resolution at Hofstra Law School, advanced interrogations at Reid & Associates (founders of the polygraph), and NLP didn’t hurt to pad my resume and provide me some communicative genius and expertise to serendipitously fall into this field.

A personal touch often alleviates any need for conflict resolution down the road if you can simply train your customer service managers and reps to be polite. Being polite however doesn’t come easy for Americans who are increasingly impatient, a bit selfish, and somewhat arrogant.

Being self-righteous and trying to make a point never works well for customer service reps. The alternative approach is far more successful, that is listening, empathizing, and agreeing with the consumer. To do otherwise is to quickly create an adversarial relationship and erect walls of resistance.

Creating win-win cooperative alliances is the objective customer service reps should pursue. Navigating through the relational and interpersonal complexities however requires grace, skill, and conflict resolution expertise. – Customer Service Trainer for customer service managers & reps worldwide

Invite Paul to speak to your company and customer service reps for a revolutionary experience. /


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