Career Coach – When You Don’t Feel It & Dislike Your Job

Financial as we go through the global economic crisis and downturn, our options some would say are increasingly limited as what we can do occupationally. I come from a different opinion and still believe we can do what we love. Therein alone will be the most successful and fully realize are innate potential.

Therefore free your mind and heart from the entanglements of fear and corporate agendas. Most corporations run like fear factories and are designed to keep you enslaved to them for life. They spew fear to ensnare your soul and keep you working for them and getting paid less than you’re worth.

True freedom inwardly and financially comes when you break out and stop being a conformist. Only then can you truly live your dreams and be fully happy.

The rare exception is when working for a company feels good and right to you. Then by all means do it and be happy.

Otherwise follow your heart to your promised land and personal inheritance in the earth rather than waiting for an employer to give it to you. You’ve got to make it happen for yourself! – career coach, worldwide speaker, life changing author of 17 books including “Breakthrough Leadership Success Secrets”

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