Oprah Given 3 Years to Live, Will Oprah Rest & Skype in to Her Own Show?

Wow! Oprah given 3 years to live according to the National Enquirer. Now there’s a legitimate and valid source for information. Hmm, I don’t know how believable that is.

Neverthless a world without Oprah would be a great loss. Oprah has mothered America, nurturing our souls, educating us, and entertaining us. Oprah has been a bright and guiding light for many. Of course Oprah’s spirituality may not perfectly agree or align with everybody, but let’s give credit where credit is due – at least she has enough guts to share her beliefs.

Oprah endorsed President Obama, another wise choice and bold move. Frankly, I like Oprah Winfrey and think she’s a wonderful person. Is she driven and a bit egotistical at times (as we all can be)? Absolutely. Nevertheless there is a genuine sincerity and authenticity about Oprah we all like.

I pray Dr. Oz and her dream team of fitness trainers and life coaches can gently persuade Oprah to find a perfect life balance to sustain her health. Oprah is a bright light who we’d like to keep around for a while.

Even if Oprah had to skype in to her own show, we’d all still watch. Pray for Oprah and tell her you love and appreciate her for all she’s done for our country and the world.

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