Student Denied Diploma for Blowing His Family a Kiss During Graduation Ceremony


The administrator at Bonny Eagle High School, obviously not the sentimental type, sent a student back to his seat when he walked on the stage to receive his diploma.

Why was the student disciplined and denied his diploma after four hard years of rigorous academic work in high school? He blew a kiss to his family from the platform and was therefore chastised for bad behavior.

This type of heavy handed and overbearing use of authority given by high school principals happens more than you think. At the high school where I taught last year as an ESOL teacher (English teacher for international students), our military like principal (a female with a domineering personality) threatened to call police minutes before the graduation if she saw students wearing any sunglasses on the platform when receiving their diplomas.

While I understand we want to preserve the dignity of a graduation ceremony, threatening students with being arrested by police for wearing sunglasses and celebrating THEIR graduation is a bit overboard and uncalled for.

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