World’s Worst Websites – Internet Fraud, Misuse of Articles from and

Dear EzineArticles, Google and Every Web User:

Please be informed.

Upon typing in my phone number on google search engines, I have begun to find several websites using my articles (taken from and probably several others of your authors… for their websites …and not crediting me AND rewriting things from my articles with vulgarity or for promotion of their products.

If you can recommend an Internet attorney both to sue Google for the lame listings connected to my name and these bogus sites unethically using my intellectual property, name and contact info without my permission, please kindly advise.

Should you care to know which websites I have found and already reported to and Google, they are:…r-creflo-dollar-paula-white-benny-hinn/…nis-world-famous-on-the-daily-show.html…amous-on-the-daily-show-comedy-central/…amous-on-the-daily-show-comedy-central/…el+reviews&t=search&st=articles…g-keeps-the-ego-alive-more-than-having/…y-falwell-religious-right-or-wrong.html…on-stewart-makes-colin-firth-penis.html…;_Global_Invasion_580957x1188815468.htm…s-on-the-daily-show-comedy-central.html…nis-world-famous-on-the-daily-show.html…,_Comedy_Central_1431426x1216550390.htm

Lame websites stealing intellectual property, doing a hack job on content, revising info to embed their cheesy adverts, and defaming the good name of quality people… these are the reasons these sites made it to my “World’s Worst Websites” listing. Please add your worst websites below in the comments box and tell me why.

If your website is listed here and you’d like me to edit and remove it from the article blog post, I will happily do so once you remove the page personally and adversely affecting me and my companies.


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