Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Day – Which do you celebrate? Protestant Reformation and the Dark Ages History

October 31 is All Hallow’s Eve, and, since on the following day (All Saints) most people historically went to church, posting Martin Luther’s 95 theses which birthed the Protestant Reformation leading us out of the Dark Ages spiritually. The word “hallow” means – to make holy, set apart for holy use. Pagans commemorated this day for the devil and playing pranks while saints were praying for God’s blessing.

Which are you? A God fearing saint praying for blessings or a pagan playing pranks bringing cursing?

Actions speak louder than words. Put your feet on the street called straight and don’t play with darkness lest you be cursed by it.

Read the history of the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther’s 95 theses yourself and see!

The darkness was so dark

It was felt

The worst gross darkness

Is religious captivity

Soulish enslavery

And financial drudgery

For all bowed their knees to Rome

Until a German

A former Roman Catholic monk

Said, “No!”

And stood up to the religious hierarchy

Declaring truth boldly

In the midst of moral depravity

Such a stance

Could cost one his life

“Off with your head!”

“You cause heretical division and strife.”

For in that day

Only the pope was right

Yet Luther heard a word

That he could not shake

Saying, “The just shall live by faith!”

Therefore down with indulgences,

Penance and purgatory!

I need not go to a priest

To confess my sins.

For Jesus died on the cross

Once and for all

Mankind wins!

I can go to God myself

I can approach my Creator directly

No need for a mediator

Or one named Mary

My soul is free

No burden to carry

What Hitler did

Has come and gone

But the truths Luther established

They live on!

The truth keeps marching on

From generation to generation

The Spirit illuminating and confirming the Word

We the soldiers of the cross

Wielding the two-edged sword

The sword of the Spirit

All humanity shall hear it!

And so humanity benefits daily

From one man’s stance against heresy

Though he himself was branded a heretic,

A mad man, a drunk

Luther not only shook their religious boat

It he sunk!

And so a new gospel ship

Has been built for us

Though eternally of old

It does not whither, decay or rust

Forever saving those who believe and trust

Ever enduring is this gospel message

Availing fully for those who dare

Throwing aside every weight and care

What a joy it is in our day

When men like Luther can be found

To bring the blessings of heaven down

Yet a slow to hear society remains

Humanity’s deception and need is dire

To be moved upon and freshly inspired

With godly passion and fire!

For a new and living way has come

And with it, a new generation must arise and run!

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