Alex Rodriguez Spirituality and Single Life after Divorcing His Wife

Alex Rodriguez spirituality and newfound single life after divorcing his wife has brought him to a new season of exploration.

Having been through a painful divorce myself, I know what it is like to go through times of personal discovery and a deeper search for significance.

Connecting with your Creator is a wonderful place to start. My only concern for Alex is he seems to be a bit easily influenced in his spirituality by the women in his life.

Apparently it was alleged Alex and Madonna were said to be “soulmates” based on letters and exchanges referencing wherein “the material girl’s” kabbalah leanings were rubbing off on A-Rod.

Now that Alex is dating Kate Hudson however it seems her Buddhist tendencies are the order of the day for Mr. Rodriguez when it comes to spirituality.

I like A-Rod and upon hearing him speak during the World Series, sensed humility of heart as he honored and mentioned his teammates and what a “blessing” they were.

I truly believe Alex is en route to a spiritual breakthrough and discovering the power of the resurrection in Jesus Christ. Thereafter Alex will be break forth into a new level of manhood with a profound impartation and divine DNA, a supernatural and spontaneous spirituality which I predict will quiet the inner storms and awaken the prophetic in him to speak and live with added power, poise and influence off the field!

Get ready Mr. Rodriguez! You’re in God’s radar and are marked for a great awakening and spiritual breakthrough!

I sincerely hope Alex transcends all troublesome circumstances as he transitions in his family, connects with his Creator in a powerful way and realizes his dreams inwardly and outwardly.

Alex truly is a gifted man who like us all is still evolving fully and becoming all that God has for him.

As long as A-Rod remains humble and continues pursuing God from the heart, all of the religion and detours along the way will eventually be hurdled over and removed as the Spirit of God leads Alex to newness of life. – worldwide minister and author of “God vs. Religion” and “Healthy Relationships”

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