James Ray – The Secret, Creating What You Desire and Deserve …or Not?

I like the book and CDs known as “The Secret” http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Soundtrack-Rhonda-Byrne/dp/B000L4C3Y6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1265660846&sr=1-1/&tag=motispeaforco-20

Yet honestly I never really knew, nor heard of James Ray until after the infamous sweat lodge scandal broke and people started dying around him.

Former employee Melinda Martin had some bad things to say about Ray on ABC news, but I still would like to give the guy the benefit of the doubt until I learn a bit more.

Ray’s attorney on Larry King seemed sincere and straightfoward …even to the extent of telling Larry attendees pay $9,000 to attend Ray’s seminars.

But as James Ray’s videos on his media page (at his website reveal) he often says “You have to be 3 for 3” aligning your:
1. Thoughts
2. Feelings
3. Actions

…to get what you desire and deserve in life.

Since the secret essentially teaches you attract what you are …and the energy you give off… how then should we see a guy like James Ray when he is arrested?

Here are a few options and ways to look at James Ray as he passes through some personal hardship for his spiritual teachings concerning what he deems to be the secret.

a. Maybe James Ray is being falsely persecuted and the allegations are completely inaccurate?

b. Maybe James Ray is not fully congruent and is a bit less than 3 for 3, which is to say perhaps his thoughts and feelings are / were in the right place concerning the tragic sweat lodge incident, but his actions were a bit irresponsible leading to the deaths of three followers / participants in his seminar?

c. Maybe James Ray’s motives (which some would say are purely financially at $9,000 to attend a seminar) are now being exposed with the death of three seminar participants who he seemingly neglected accordingly to former employee Melinda Martin?

d. Maybe James Ray is entirely innocent and has no moral or legal obligation to those who participate / attend his seminars as no motivational speaker or spiritual teacher can be fully responsbile for consenting adults attending his or her event(s)… nor can a speaker / teacher fully ensure or prevent the way an audience or individual may hear or act upon a message… even to the extent of taking it (or part of the message) out of context and acting upon it inappropriately or excessively due to hearing with an imbalanced ear or unschooled zealous heart.

Since I don’t know James Ray, but like the message of the The Secret – perhaps those who know James Ray, or who have worked for James Ray can comment further and give their side of the story and share some experiences to further enlighten us all.

Imprisonment most likely is not what James Ray desires, but is it what he deserves?

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