Eat Pray Love Speaker: Life Changing Speaker for Pleasure, Spirituality, Passion and Purpose

When you need an eat pray love speaker to energize your life, awaken your heart, affirm your passions and empower you to pursue your purpose; you will find yourself safe and secure with Paul.

When you need a life coach to kindly sort through situations, identify emotions, quiet inner turmoil and relational commotion and move you beyond stuck states; Paul will embrace you with unconditional love and elegantly empower you with illuminating insight, life-changing truth and revelation to gently lead you out of pain into purposeful and pleasurable living. Paul’s creative problem solving and coaching for love and life are liberating, making Paul a highly sought after speaker throughout the globe.

Most importantly Paul provides those who come to him the utmost confidentiality and understanding when counseling, coaching and consulting them on any issues they may be facing. Paul truly desires to help you eat, pray and love wholeheartedly and live life fully.

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