Bally Health Club is Unhealthy, Bad News NOT Total Fitness

Unhealthy Bally Health Club is NOT total fitness says former employee and fitness trainer. info @ bally total fitness LOL unhealthy health club

When Paul contacted Bally “health” club for a refund of his two lifetime premier memberships when they filed for bankruptcy, shut 2 of the local 4 clubs and began to slack on hygiene Bally “health” club never returned Paul’s phone calls or written letters regarding the refund.

Don’t do business with an unethical company like Bally “Health” Club because they put the health of their “health club” members behind company profits and disregard members’ letters to corporate unless they are putting money in the company (a bad investment which most healthy and intelligent people would never do).

Contact your local city and county health and santitation department and file a claim against Bally “Health” Club in your area where you see uncleanliness, poor hygiene and equipment not being sanitized.

The dirty bathrooms, sauna, filthy carpet and delipatidated lockers falling off the wall at Paul’s local Bally “health” club is a disgrace to the city of Orlando and safety hazard.

Paul (a former fitness trainer) saw his local Bally “health” club leave the broken lower back extension machine (without a food pad for bodily stability to secure the lower back) on the floor for several months without warning of it being broken.

Don’t risk being injured by poor equipment needing repairs or infected by unsanitary gyms managed by Bally Health Club. Look for a more healthy alternative and place to exercise.

Contact Paul to speak in your city for life-changing messages and consumer advocacy.

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