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Soft skills trainer for conflict resolution training to cultivate emotional intelligence, cross-cultural understanding and persuasion skills. life-changing soft-skill trainer (

Need soft skills training for your company? Soft skills training entails conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, listening skills and effective communication. One of the best soft skills trainers on earth due to his global travels, living overseas and ongoing interaction cross culturally with people internationally; Paul F Davis is a masterful and astute soft skills trainer.

I also like to incorporate emotional and stress management in my soft skills training. As an added bonus depending on the allotted time, I think it is worth the extra investment to have me conduct a full or half-day seminar in soft skills training wherein I can also teach cross-cultural communication.

As someone who has traveled to 68 countries and lived abroad for several years, I know soft skills training for call centers and global companies is never complete without cultural awareness and sensitivity training. I learn the most about company employees by watching their body language, facial expressions and the way they carry themselves.

Yet these are often not seen by callers connecting over the telephone, but always felt. Therefore I also like to add phone etiquette, listening skills and emotional temperament into the soft skills training seminars I teach.

Global business and revenues always increase exponentially and a friendly cooperative culture begins to permeate the corporate culture following my soft skills training boot camps.

As a soft skills trainer my expertise is unique in that I have a multi-disciplinary approach combining effective communication with emotional intelligence training, while sharing from my many cross-cultural experiences and interactions (which are heartwarming and funny too).

Beyond being a soft soft skills trainer, I am an author and worldwide motivational speaker who has touched 68 countries (and lived and traveled throughout India, the Philippines, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe) conducting soft skills trainings internationally along with teaching emotional intelligence, cross-cultural communication, negotiations, conflict resolution, career development, leadership, success secrets, overcoming adversity, customer service and much more!

If you are in need of soft skills training for your company, call center, government agency, nonprofit organization or university faculty we’d be delighted to serve you.

I travel all over the world and spend a lot of time in Asia helping and empowering growing companies to master cross-cultural nuances, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, increase sales and revenue and have more fun connecting with their customers.

I offer different packages of soft skills training based on every company budget and the corporate goals at hand.

Whether you need soft skills training on an ongoing long-term basis or a high impact intervention to bring transformation, I can serve your unique needs.

If your company requires a soft skills trainer to continue long-term training in-house kindly contact us so we can design a training program ideal for you and your prized clients.

I and my associates are willing to serve as soft skills trainers short and long-term, including relocate to other countries if the opportunity is mutually beneficial, financially advantageous and compelling.

Respectfully at your service.

Paul F Davis – soft skills training for global business success

( worldwide motivational speaker, global business consultant for soft skills training and author who has touched 68 countries empowering people of all ages and demographics to transcend their limitations and live their dreams.

A soft skills trainer who is a former English teacher to international students for 3 years, Paul knows how to teach cross-cultural linguistics and the nuts and bolts of communicative English to help foreign employees excel and succeed.

( – soft skills trainer to take your employees and company to the next level

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