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New Teacher Success Secrets: Don’t Demonize Administration

As a new teacher, I quickly realized how much administration does to keep a school running. I don’t care about making six figures, because if I had to be an administrator and live at the school night and day, I surely couldn’t do it.

I therefore encourage new teachers to always be respectful of administration. I know it’s not always easy as I often felt like administration was my worst nightmare. I love teaching, but dealing with all of the administrative tasks and assignments can be overwhelming.

Remember however that we all are servants of the county school board, administration included. We all therefore have to answer to somebody along the chain of comman. It isn’t any easier for administration than it is for new teachers. In fact it often might be more difficult for administration, because they feel the same discouragement and thoughts of being overwhelmed as new teachers feel (but they’ve made a career out of it).

New teachers are still assessing whether or not they want to stay on for another year or two, or make a career out of being an educator. Administration also can feel like the bad guys on campus, always being demonized by kids, and inwardly feeling disliked by teachers.

Administration is just doing their job, not an easy job I might add. Yet they keep the school running orderly and daily. Therefore show some gratitude toward administration, lend a helping hand whenever you can, and be courteous.

I once stopped gossip in the employee lunch room being spread about my principal. I stuck up for her and mentioned I’d never had a problem with her. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and remind my peer teachers that her job is not easy.

It felt good to be positive and merciful. We all need that once in a while.

Show some mercy and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be thankful for adminstration new teachers for the job they have given you and the tasks they do so you can be sheltered from the many storms you never see, nor know of. – worldwide speaker and author of New Teachers Success Secrets – 101 Survival & Success Secrets

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