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Conflict Dispute Resolution, Communication, Negotiation & Cooperation – A New World Order

There are no winners in war. Globally this truth has been proven historically. Diplomacy therefore is the order of the day. As the world in which we live becomes increasingly interconnected technologically, economically, and governmentally developing a greater level of meaningful dialogue, heartfelt communication, and mutual understanding shall be necessary.


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Given the new set of global challenges we face economically and environmentally, the stage is set not for lecturing as much as it is for listening. It shall be through listening that we learn the most about one another and the course of action most beneficial for us all. As we draw allies and enemies to the negotiating table, interact respectfully, and provide recognition sincerely each individual and nation collectively will embrace a sense of personal dignity. When acknowledgement and recognition is respectfully given, we shall begin to be able to transcend and iron out our differences.


Upholding the dignity of humanity regardless of our ideology, agenda, and aims will best serve us all. For this reason every individual and the global community collectively will benefit enormously from developing the skills of communication, negotiation, and effective conflict dispute resolution.


Sadly these are the necessary life skills that are rarely mentioned in families, schools, college campuses, and our communities. Yet these are the skills that will enable us to best work together, achieve the most, and overcome our biggest challenges.   


Courts are overloaded with lawsuits and disputes to settle. By reason of the excessive caseload and limited amount of time afforded the legal system, judges are sending the majority of cases to mediation seeking alternative dispute resolution prior to allowing cases to proceed to court.


Like it or not, the landscape of the legal system and the challenges of our time are forcing us to recognize our interdependency and need to work together cooperatively. Undoubtedly many differences in ideological views and strategic approaches shall remain. Nevertheless as we recognize rather the demonize each other, we shall be able to cooperate rather than alienate. 


Corporate CEOs and executives know courts are time consuming and often not cost effective. An adversarial legal system does not resolve conflict, but rather perpetuates it. Europe’s legal system is inquisitorial for a reason. It encourages the communication and cooperation of people, considering the individual human being to be more valuable than personal profits and gross financial gain at another’s expense.


Do we have to go to court over everything nowadays? Do we not have brains to work things out ourselves? Must we hold grudges for a lifetime? Isn’t there a better way?


Going to court is becoming increasingly costly and often futile. Parties and individuals in conflict are therefore turning to alternative methods of dispute resolution – mediation and arbitration being two options. As we endeavor to negotiate our way from confrontation to cooperation and navigate forward through perilous times, these proven and successful secrets to conquer conflict and build win-win alliances will be priceless and exceedingly strategic.

Invite worldwide speaker and life-changing author Paul F. Davis to speak in your city about his new book Communication & Negotiation for Conflict Dispute Resolution!

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