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Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products

Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products

Do yourself a favor and save money by buying Vitamin Code’s multivitamins which are far healthier than Youngevity. Here is why below:

Youngevity’s website does not fully disclose all of the ingredients in its “health” products, especially the harmful preservatives and petrochemicals.

In 2014, I bought Imortalium, Youngevity Ultimate Classic and Ultimate EFA.

The big print gives and the small (not disclosed on the Youngevity website) takes away.

Among the ingredients I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Imortalium are:

– hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (read Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases” and “Solvent Neurotoxicity” by Peter Arlien-Soborg to learn why this is unhealthy)

– pharmaceutical glaze (Why does a natural vitamin need a pharmaceutical glaze?)

Many unhealthy vitamin formulations and “health” companies use toxic solvents that harm the body and cause neurotoxicity. –

The solvent propyl alcohol is harmful to organs and makes the body susceptible to parasitic infestation. The solvent benzene causes leukemia and cancer, hindering the functionality of the thymus, weakening immunity and making the body prey for parasites and susceptible to AIDS. Wood alcohol leads to pancreatic dysfunction and leads to diabetes. The solvents xylene (or toluene) adversely affect the brain. The solvents methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butyl ketone (MBK) adversely affect the uterus of females and pave the way for endometriosis.

Among the ingredients I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Ultimate Classic are:

– CitriSweet (Though contacted repeatedly and given several months to reply via phone calls and emails, Youngevity never revealed what is in this ingredient.)

– Sodium Erythorbate

– Malic Acid

– Xanthan Gum

– Sodium Benzoate (Coca Cola and Pierre Water removed from its drinks because when combined with ascorbic acid it can become benzene – a harmful cancer and leukemia causing petrochemical removed from gasoline in the 1970s).

The ingredient I deem questionable, harmful and unhealthy within Youngevity’s Ultimate EFA (essential fatty acid) is fish oil from tuna, which is high in mercury and can cause damage to the brain and nervous system.

Youngevity’s business model is such that whenever I phoned the company I was immediately asked for a rep number, as if I were a salesperson working for the company.

Whenever I asked nutritional and health information, the sales staff answering calls never could intelligently answer my questions. When I asked for Dr. Wallach’s email to forward my questions, I was given an email for Richard Renton and Johnny Taylor.

Although I patiently and perseveringly emailed both Mr. Renton and Mr. Taylor, neither replied. Instead I received a generic reply from Rosary Martinez advising me to attempt to call Dr. Wallach on his radio program (not valuing my time, nor my health related questions related to Youngevity’s products).

Cassandra Zambrano was copied in Ms. Martinez’ email to me dated August 29, 2014. Yet neither of the ladies, nor anyone at Youngevity ever answered the following questions below:

1. What minerals are in the “mighty 90” Dr. Wallach refers to during his talks. List them all please.

2. What minerals (names and quantity) are in the plant based mineral liquid formula you sell under the name “Ultimate Classic” compared to what minerals (names and quantity within the formulation) are in the “mighty 90”?

3. Immortalium mentions a proprietary blend, what is in that? I have allergies to some environmental toxins and need to know before consuming.

4. EFA uses fish oil from tuna – what is the mercury content? Tuna is a larger fish with more mercury.

5. The Ultimate Classic contains – CitraSweet, sodium arithabate and natural flavors (please further elaborate on the ingredients within each).

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD (Neurosurgeon and author of “Excitotoxins”) reveals the many names MSG is under in the food industry, some being “natural flavors” and spices (among 12 or more others). MSG damages the brain and nervous system. Please elaborate and fully describe what is in your “CitraSweet” and “natural flavors.”

Youngevity’s customer “service” staff does not know and could not answer my questions.

COO of Youngevity Michelle Wallach (@MGWallach – married to the CEO), has not answered any of these above questions yet either (as of January 19, 2015). Ms. Wallach is welcome to comment here below and tell the Youngevity customers what it is they are consuming and explain why such questions go unanswered for months until brought to the light via social media?

In December 2014 when I phoned Youngevity requesting a full refund of their “health” products (which other reputable vitamin companies readily provide to unsatisfied customers – Vitacost, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, etc.); I was told by the sales reps they could give me a credit toward future purchases with Youngevity. I declined as obviously I am not impressed with Youngevity’s products, lack of knowledge, and customer service failures.

Do yourself a favor and save money by buying Vitamin Code’s multivitamins which are far healthier than what Youngevity is producing and selling. Saving money for the healthier option free of multilevel marketing sales reps is my preferred choice.

Paul F. Davis – author of “The Future of Food” (volumes 1 & 2)

The Future of Food: Global Reform to Improve the Quality of Food & Public Health –

The Future of Food: GMOs, Bogus Science, Agroterrorism and Regulatory Reform –

Paul F. Davis is a World Traveling Food Writer, Restaurant Consultant, Wellness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author of more than 20 Books who has touched 72 Countries serving the U.S. Military, Restaurants, Companies, Cruise Lines at Sea, Churches and Universities across the globe. Paul has earned 2 Master degrees in Global Food Law (Michigan State College of Law), Global Affairs (New York University) and is nearing completion of a 3rd Master degree online in Health (University of Alabama).

References: Solvent Neurotoxicity The Cure For All Diseases Semper Fi: Always Faithful – expose of benzene in the water at Camp Lejeune – Excitoxins – The Taste That Kills

Youngevity Buyer Beware: Youngevity Mighty 90 – Vitamins, Multivitamins and Health Products


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Hyundai Liars – Universal Hyundai Financing Scam, Fraud, Deceiving Car Buyers

This morning I saw an ad at Universal Hyundai for 0% down payment and 0% APR for new car purchases. Upon arriving, I got nothing but lies, deceit, manipulation, and the proverbial bait and switch.

Today my wife and I went to Universal Hyundai, 12751 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837 and were shown a lovely 2009 Hyundai Sonata by a charming salesman.

Once we spent several hours test driving the cars we were to choose from and bickering with the salesman as to price, it seemed we were nearly ready to finalize our purchase.

But not until we were thrown a clever financial scam, attempting to defraud, and deceive we the car buyers. Upon coming to an agreement for a purchase price of $15,987, we then noticed how many additional fees –¬†taxes, dealear fees, etc. added up to $18,099.59.

Upon stomaching these exorbitant fees and preparing to finalize the purchase, we agreed to make a $4,000 down payment, leaving us with a balance of $14,099.59 to finance.

The charming salesman first said we would get 6.9% APR on the interest rate. However once our social security numbers and credit report were run, we suddenly were informed our APR would be 9.9% APR. Being a bit willing to go a little further to get this car, we played along.

At this point the salesmen started to back off, going in and out of the inner glassed caged room to talk to the finance guys (most overweight and grumpy), who massaged and manipulated numbers in an attempt to greatly rip us off.

We were originally told by the Hyundai sales rep our monthly payments would be $219 a month if we made a $4,000 down payment. Doing some simple math I calculated the remaining amount owed $14,099.59 multiplied by (1 + .099 interest for the annual APR) equalling $15,495.45 to be divided over 72 month payments at $215.21.

Then the fun began when the lying financiers at Universal Hyundai began their deceptive financing and massaging the numbers to make hefty profits. They said we would have to make monthly payments of $262.95 for 72 months Рwhich I multiplied through totalling a $18,932.40 + $4,000 down payment to arrive at a grand total of $22,932.40 for a car originally priced at $15,987 nearly a $7,000 mark up.  The 0% APR and 0 down was a blatant lie, scam, and attempt to defraud.

Interestingly, the so called 9.9% APR promised ($14,099 divided by $15,495.45) in actuality turned out to be 34.276% APR with their new manipulated numbers at $22,932.40.

Don’t deal with Universal Hyundai. As I told them in front of all other prospective buyers on the sales showroom, “You guys are crooks!”

Paul F Davis – worldwide minister, consumer advocate, and author

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