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Love, Respect & Enjoy Yourself Today!

As a world traveling speaker and life coach, it never ceases to amaze me at how few people truly enjoy themselves and their lives. It is quite saddening and a pity indeed.

Happiness truly is an inside job and must be cultivated through positive self-talk daily. Learning to love yourself does not come easy for some, but with the help of an affirming life coach who wholeheartedly embraces the task of being your cheerleader, you can discard the old negative scripts and transcend the pain of your past to glorious experience a new beginning.

Self-respect likewise must be cultivated until you naturally exude confidence. Respect is most necessary to ensure your ongoing success relationally and professionally.

Thereafter just commit to enjoy yourself and make the most of everyday! Truly you have no guaranty of tomorrow. So live everyday wholeheartedly as if it were you last.

You will be glad you did and others will notice that you are more fully present and personal with them. The ability to remain present and personal will translate into heartfelt influence and you becoming powerful as you sincerely love and serve people.

Just don’t forget to start with yourself …and continually care for and remember to love you everyday before sacrificing yourself for others. After all, if you are bankrupt within, what truly do you have thereafter to give to others?

Invest in and love yourself, after which your cup will overflow and helping others will be a joy. – transformative life coach to change your world

Paul F. Davis is a worldwide speaker who has touched over 50 countries and 6 continents empowering people throughout the earth to transcend their limitations and live their dreams!

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The Secret – Cultivate & Celebrate Your Magnificence

The secret to personal self-actualization, renewal, and transformation is to daily cultivate and celebrate your magnificence. Celebrate yourself for no reason at all. Rejoice in the life of the Creator flowing through your veins, filling your lungs, impregnating you with purpose, and passionately propelling you forward!

Rejoice in your health (even if it is not perfect, give thanks for that which you have that daily sustains you)! Rejoice in those who are near, dear, and love you! Rejoice in your active mind and intellectual stimulation that provokes and compels you with curiosity.  Rejoice in your inquisitiveness and inner yearnings spiritually.

Rejoice in the challenges that you face daily, knowing that they too impart life lessons subtly and tenderly… sometimes even more abruptly when we are hard of hearing and it is necessary.

Rejoice in your ability to smile and not take yourself too seriously. Have a smile and a good laugh at your own expense as you recall some foolish things you did recently or perhaps years ago when you were all about personal vanity.

Cultivate the goodness within you, which the Creator has graced and given you. Unashamedly rejoice and vocalize the amazing qualities God has bestowed upon you. Give thanks for your uniqueness and difference, making you authentic and establishing your individuality.

Cultivate and celebrate your magnificence today, tomorrow, and everyday hereafter!

Your were not bychance, neither is your life a disaster. On the contrary your precious life is a miracle in motion, awaiting a deeper divine connection, a more fluid life flow, and a rich maturing wisdom that will continue to grow.

Your most blessed days and best days are ahead of you!

Rejoice as you cultivate and celebrate your own magnificence. Continue to happily and hilariously daily do this discipline, which shall attract and be translated into great success …in fact your own brilliance. – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of 17 books including Supernatural Fire

Invite Paul to speak in your city and impart the spirit of faith empowering you to live your dreams! Invite worldwide speaker, life-changing author, and miracle worker to your city to work wonders!

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