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Classy & Elegant Woman – Where are you?

Classy & Elegant Woman
Where are you?

Being classy is a forgotten art, social grace, and professional practice within North America. How suddenly have we forgotten our manners? What the ramifications and cruel repercussions be for posterity if we continue on this path to self-destruction? How much longer will nations and the international community across the globe endure us?

It’s no wonder our customer service jobs are being shipped abroad and every time we phone for help we are rerouted overseas. The disintegration of the family and society is a direct result of our lack of manners, personal integrity, and disregard for human dignity.

A classy & elegant woman breaks the stereotypical mold of womanhood blending both beauty and strength together elegantly. The woman within can be felt in a classy woman’s essence, which radiates through and exudes confidence in everything she says and does. Yet a classy woman’s temperament remains humbly¬† tempered by her self-awareness and willingness to be a lifelong learner who embraces continual growth.

Refined in the furnace of affliction, the genuinely classy woman’s personal suffering and circumstantial adversity have been for her an experiential university through which she has transcended her trials and come out with inner strength and a smile to uplift the hurting.

Instead of being condescending and talking down to people, the classy woman loving lifts them up with grace, patience, and compassion. Relating with the suffering and afflicted, the classy woman’s intuitive insights and personal stories will heal, resurrect hope within, and impart to you the classy secrets a woman needs in society to win.

The elegant and classy woman shuns perpetual complaining prefering to be proactive, realizing that she is either part of the problem or part of the solution. – worldwide speaker & life-changing author of “Empowering & Liberating Women”

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