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Credit Card Mafia, American Greed at its Best: Credit Card Lies & Deceit

I have a Discover credit card, which I always pay on time. Yet I recently noticed they had been calling me about something. I assumed they just wanted to sell me some service I didn’t want. However upon answering the phone to speak briefly with Discover credit card, I had some fun with the credit card company’s phone rep / sales agent.

The credit card agent obviously was recording the conversation as I could here the beeping in the background. I immediately turned on my phone recording device also and told the credit card rep I too would be recording the conversation. Immediately and fearfully the credit card rep from Discover said, “I do not authorize you to record the c onversation.”

I said, “Nor do I authorize you to record me.” The cowardly and deceptive credit card rep told me, “I cannot confirm that this conversation is being recorded.” I assured him it was as I could hear Discover card’s phone recording device beeping.

Nevertheless I asked the rep what he was calling about. “Oh, we have an opportunity for you. We want to reduce your interest rate.”

“Well then,” I told Discover credit card’s rep, “please do so.”

“But we can’t unless you make twelve monthly payments in advance.” the credit card rep said.

“Well that won’t be happening. Goodbye and stop calling my house.”

Basically, credit cards are in a crunch like everybody else throughout the country and are feeling the pinch. Hence they are endeavoring to seduce people to pay up early, months in advance, after which they will immediately cancel their credit lines, or reduce their credit limit drastically according to the remaining amount owed.

That being said, beware and don’t give credit cards your money. It is far better to keep your cash and savings than to give it to them.

As a debt arbitrator who deals with credit card companies, if you get a third party who knows the ins and outs of the credit card business, you will have a huge advantage and can even save yourself thousands of dollars. If you are in over your head with a credit card company, before you fall for their bait and switch and get taken advantage of financially and put yourself more in harms way in this turbulent economy,  you owe it to yourself to hire a professional who can help you.

Email me stating exactly how much you owe and if you hire me to help you, I will only take a percentage of what I can save you with the credit card company. – consumer advocate and debt arbitrator battling the credit card mafia


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