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Cruise Directors Favorite Enrichment Speakers: Cruise Directors & Activity Coordinators Considerations

My world travels and enrichment speaking aboard cruise ships has taught me that cruise directors and activity coordinators look for specific criteria when selecting an enrichment speaker to serve their cruise ships and cherished passengers.

Here are some things I’ve learned and heard which cruise directors like and prefer in their enrichment speakers.

10 Reasons Cruise Directors and Cruise Ship Activities Coordinators love Paul:

1. Paul is respectful, courteous, polite, flexible, and easy to work with.

2. Paul is a life-changing author of 18 books providing rich content coupled with passion to empower and inspire any audience.

3. Paul has unparalleled experience as a world-class speaker.

Paul is a worldwide professional speaker with over 15 years experience having touched more than 55 countries, over 55 islands and 6 continents with a wealth of personal stories, wisdom and humorous experiences to entertain and enrich any audience.

4. Paul is fun, high energy, and interactive.

If you are looking for a speaker to awaken and impact your audience, Paul masterfully has a way to connect with and communicate to people. Voted “the funniest” in his high school class, Paul knows how to disarm and charm any audience. Paul even surprised himself when he managed to date Cinderella at Disney World, while working there as a bus boy in high school.

5. Paul is relatable and his messages are real and applicable to our everyday lives.

No matter what season of life you may find yourself, Paul knows how to equip and empower you to live your dreams!

6. Paul is a world traveler himself who understands the nuances, demands and difficulties involved in traveling throughout the globe.

A former fitness trainer and lifeguard who still surfs; Paul is young, strong, healthy and happy under pressure and playfully uplifting having a great sense of humor. Paul doesn’t freak out under sudden changes. Being a surfer and world traveler, Paul knows how to ride the waves of change and be flexible.

7. Paul has depth and can perform several vital tasks making him a tremendous asset aboard any cruise ship.

Beyond enrichment speaking, Paul is a former lifeguard and personal fitness trainer (making him well liked by the spa and health club staff). Paul is also a life coach and minister able to provide counseling and officiate weddings.

8. Paul is skilled in generational diversity and ideal for all demographic groups aboard cruise ships.

Paul was raised by his grandparents through his elementary school years, after which he lived with his parents through junior high and high school. Instead of putting his aged grandparents in a nursing home, Paul returned home from living overseas to care for his beloved grandparents in their old age prior to their passing.

Paul also worked with and cared for the elderly in a nursing home in Hampshire, England. Childlike in heart Paul also relates well to children and youth of all ages. Able to strike up a conversation with all ages, Paul is knowledgeable of the world, intellectual and comical.

Moreover Paul is a frequent motivational speaker empowering youth at schools and colleges throughout the world.

Dare to Believe, Become & Live Your Dreams!

Paul even worked with the physically disabled at Camp Challenge, during which he cared for special children and adults with unique physical and mental challenges.

9. Paul is helpful and friendly to cruise ship passengers and crew treating them all like family.

Crew and passengers alike enjoy Paul’s company, humility and willingness to help whenever he can in any given situation.

10. Paul’s heart is at home on the high seas and when he is in foreign countries.

Since Paul likes things foreign, the only time Paul really gets homesick is when he is stuck in the United States and not traveling. Adventure and traveling is in Paul’s blood and DNA, without which he cannot survive and thrive.

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Paul’s enrichment speakers network is able to meet any need you may have to make your next event a success. Whether you need someone for a business or college talk, Paul can perfectly match your next event with the ideal speaker.


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