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Debt, Debt & More Debt – Get Out Debt! Conquer Credit Card Debt & Bill Collectors w/ Debt Settlement

Help SAVE people thousands of dollars off of their debts, while making yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply helping these individuals become “Debt Free” and saving them between 30-80% OFF of their debts.


A debt arbitrator, Harvard Business School trained negotiator, and Hofstra Law School trained mediator, Paul F. Davis can successfully negotiate with creditors for you and save you a lot of money.


A worldwide speaker, author, and NLP master practitioner, Paul knows how to use language to negotiate favorable deals and settlements for his clients.





For the studious and business savvy types wanting more info, enroll in our course and start your own debt negotiation business.


Make HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for yourself with your very own Debt Negotiation Business, so you can Enjoy the Finer Things in Life that YOU WANT & DESERVE such as:

· Owning Your Own Home

· Buying the Car of your DREAMS

· Being able to “Quit Your Job” & “Work for Yourself”

· Spending More Time with YOUR Family

· Taking “More Time for Yourself”

· Early Retirement

· Financial Freedom


No Dream Is To Big or To Small, if you BELIEVE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.


Isn’t it time to start living your dreams and stop living to fulfill someone else’s dream?


This very possibly is the Greatest Opportunity that will EVER be presented to you!


Make your dreams and goals a reality in a very short period of time. Own your SUCCESFUL Debt Negotiation Business and earn a high Six Figure Income Each & Every Year.


Own and Operate a Successful Debt Elimination Service helping consumers get free from the heavy burden of debt. Be a freedom fighter and liberator!


A very financially attractive opportunity where you can easily start your own lucrative debt negotiation business is simply a click away.


Debt Negotiation is the process of negotiating a reduced pay off (settlement) on a delinquent debt such as credit cards, department store cards, repossessions, personal loans, signature loans, judgments, liens, and collection accounts.


Debt Negotiation is considered the #1 DEBT SOLUTION to Quickly Eliminate Problem Debts while saving individuals (YOUR Clients) thousands of dollars off of their debts and helping them become Debt Free in a matter of weeks or months, not years.


The BEST PART of this money making opportunity is that you will Earn Fee’s Based on How Much Money YOU SAVE Your Clients! As the owner of a debt negotiation business you would generally charge your clients a certain percentage (%) of what you are able to save them.


Many companies generally charge 30% of how much they save their clients. YOU MAKE THE RULES on how much you charge your clients. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL!

Look At How Much You CAN Make!


YOUR Debt Negotiation Service Fee:

30% Of Savings — $2,100 ($7,000 x .30) Amount YOU Make!


IMAGINE Making $2,100 From Just One Client!


Do You See the Potential?


GREAT, because it gets even better!


You can easily make a generous Six Figure Income every year.



Fact: The average American Family has $40 – $80,000 in unsecured debt!

Fact: The Average U.S. Household has 7-10 Credit Cards!

Fact: It will take an Average American Family 20-30 Years to pay off their debts!

Fact: Over 40% of U.S. Families spend more money then they earn?

Fact: There were 1.1 million bankruptcy filings in 2006!


Consumers Want and Need YOUR HELP!

Help Them Become Debt Free & Save Thousands while You Make a Fortune being the good Samaritan.


Discover How You Can Make a Fortune with a Debt Negotiation Business.


Many indebted consumers nearing bankruptcy are ready and willing to PAY YOU thousands of dollars to help them get out of debt, especially if you can SAVE them thousands of dollars OFF of their debts.


There are literally TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF DELINQUENT DEBTS that consumers and business owners owe that You Can Negotiate for pennies on the dollar; potentially generating thousands of dollars in fees for yourself based on How Much You Save your clients.



The More Debt Your Clients Have – The More Money YOU CAN & WILL MAKE




You can literally Start Making Money within a matter of days after purchasing and receiving your debt negotiation business program. We have Client’s that have made thousands of dollars within the first week of receiving their business program.


Our Exclusive debt negotiation business program provides you with all the essential tools and knowledge that you will need to quickly start your own debt negotiation service and start making money immediately.


The best part yet, is that Anyone CAN Run a Successful Debt Negotiation Service! You don’t have to have a college degree or have any type of experience negotiating debts or working with the credit/collection industry.


We provide you with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to immediately get started in running your own Lucrative & Successful Debt Negotiation Business.

Go to Our Product Information page and check out everything you will receive by investing in your own debt negotiation Business.


Anyone Can Do This, Anyone Can Own a Successful Debt Negotiation Business!

·           It doesn’t matter what your current or past professions have been.

·           You don’t need to have a college degree.

·           You don’t have to have a background in finance or debt collection.

·           You don’t have experience as an attorney or negotiator.


Anyone can own a Successful Debt Negotiation Service with the Right knowledge, information and tools to help you.


Our Debt Negotiation Business Program provides you with all of the necessary knowledge, guidance and experience you could ever possibly need to own and operate a successful debt negotiation business of your own.


Take a look at our debt negotiation business program Click Here!


Just think about the potential. There are literally thousands of collection agencies in the United States who are trying to collect money from millions of consumers. These consumers will eventually have to pay these debts or file for bankruptcy.


Many of these consumers don’t want to file Bankruptcy and are willing to pay someone to deal with their debts and SAVE them money. That person could be you and should be you!


Debt Negotiation is considered the #1 Bankruptcy Alternative!


New Bankruptcy Laws that were passed in 2006 have made it harder for consumers and business owners to file bankruptcy, meaning they need a viable alternative…………this is where you can make a ton of money.



Debt Negotiation is literally a Recession Proof Business; as long as consumers continue to rely on credit cards and personal loans. The banks and financial institutions will continue to provide credit and loans, therefore insuring that There Will ALWAYS Be a Need for Debt Negotiation Services.


Discover For Yourself How EASY it is to MAKE A FORTUNE in the Debt Elimination Industry!


Click Here Now!

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Debt Settlement – Be Free to Live Happy, the Year of Jubilee

Incurring massive amounts of debt is never a joyous thing. Nevertheless in business if you don’t take chances, you cannot make advances. That being said, sometimes we have to get out on a limb to bear some fruit.

Unfortunately, as every entrepreneur and business owner can tell you, sometimes it doesn’t work out. The list of wealthy and successful icons who have declared bankruptcy over the course of their life are countless. Donald Trump and Walt Disney are just great men who have experienced bankruptcy at given times in their financial life.

For an individual with less financial backing and business connections, another alternative far better than bankruptcy is debt settlement. Far better than bankruptcy, debt settlement enables you to maintain your good name.

Bankruptcy tarnishes your name for a minimum of 7 years, making it virtually impossible to get credit or loans from banks as you become a high risk individual. Even worse is the fact that many good jobs with the government, school board, and other reputable employers now ask on applications if you have ever before filed bankruptcy. Considering most quality employers will run a background check on you and find out if you have filed bankruptcy, avoiding bankruptcy altogether is the best thing to do.

Many people are discovering the possibilities of debt settlement and seeking this as a viable option to debt elimination. With the help of a certified debt arbitrator you can fully evaluate your options and devise a financial strategy that is best for you.

Contact Paul F. Davis for debt settlment consultation:


Paul F. Davis is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, minister, purpose coach, and consultant transforming organizations and empowering individuals to live their dreams.

Paul is the author of several books including Update Your Identity; United States of Arrogance; Poems that Propel the Planet; Update Your Identity; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat; Are You Ready for True Love; Stop Lusting & Start Living; Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; God vs. Religion; and many more!

Paul’s compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations, and reconciles nations.

Contact Paul to speak at your event or for consulting:


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