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Health, Nutrition & Vitamins – Great Prices, Phenomenal Products & Vitamins with Informative Descriptions

This website below has phenomenal information on health products, great descriptions and details. You can either buy it from them or get information and then purchase from your local health food store. GNC and some vitamin stores however mark up their stuff excessively.

Among the products I suggest is CLA, primary greens (take in morning with juice at least half hour before breakfast), kandidaplex, a colon cleanse, and one of my favorites and new discoveries Milk Thistle (which if you take a couple after every meal with help you process your food better and clean your liver).


Paul – worldwide speaker & life-changing author

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Detox or Die! Constipated & Crying for a Colon Cleanse – The Most Obese Nation on Earth

It seems some of your minds are clogged up as much as your colons. LOL I don’t know about you, but I prefer to eliminate after I assimilate my food. Unfortunately the United States – the most obese nation on earth eats 3 meals a day and unloads once at best. Do the math and tell me where all that food is growing. Is it any wonder why folks are growing out of their jeans! LOL Smart friends cleanse!
Detox your body and drop that ‘extra body’ keeping you out of your bathing suit this summer! Flush the fat & live strong!
My translator in France (younger than me) was so clogged up her hands would sweat as a bodily mechanism to try to detox. When I asked her how often she was going to the bathroom (number 2) she told me about twice a week. I nearly fell over in amazement! “No wonder you’re sweating profusely, as your body doesn’t know how to eliminate all that mess inside of you!”
Yet some people prefer their ignorance, arrogance and cancerous tumors as their bodies crave a release mechanism to detox.
Detox your body and drop that ‘extra body’ keeping you out of your bathing suit this summer! Flush the fat & live strong! – worldwide speaker, life-changing author, life coach & former personal fitness trainer for transformation spirit, mind & body

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