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Healthy Relationships: Challenges, Difficulties & Struggles

Relationships come with many nuances
Healthy relationships too have struggles
Healthy relationships have challenges
Healthy relationships have difficulties
Therefore don’t give up so fast and easily.

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These subtle distinct emotional variations
Sometimes expressed sharply and extremely
Can be overwhelming and exhausting entirely
Nevertheless as you patiently stay the course
Love unconditionally and listen wholeheartedly
You need not explode, erupt, or think to divorce
Because the bark is often worse than the bite
Therefore don’t be alarmed when you seem to fight
When intense relational interactions fool and weary you
Feeling lonely, confused, and not knowing what to do?
Don’t be dismayed, simply trust me to walk you through
I certainly understand as I have endured such feelings too
Felt like quitting, biting back, devouring, disconnecting
However somehow with resurrection power all was healed
Not because I intelligently did or said something specifically
On the contrary, I remained quiet and it happened supernaturally
Therefore know you don’t always need to fight your own battles
Because God above, the Lord of love, will undertake for you
He will both gently Father and mightily see you through
His Spirit within will tenderly nudge and sweetly woo
Your heart with skill and divine art, inwardly awaking you
To trust, yield, and remain playing on your own field
Because love at first sight is illusory until it meets life
After which when the two are combined, reason and rhyme
Leave the equation altogether and life gets all the crazier
Nevertheless life tests your love to see if it will endure
To see if it runs deep, possesses strength, and is sure
Because often feelings fade and you must open the door
The door of faith to envision and see the magnificent future
But if you choose to quit because you and your love collide
How then shall your life and love with it carry dignity and pride?
Therefore purpose everyday to not let your ego get in the way
Beyond the challenges, rejoice in your relational blessings today!
Whether someone seems mad as hell or sweet as heaven
Give thanks sincerely for relational emotional expression.

Invite worldwide speaker and life-changing author Paul F. Davis to speak to your college students about success secrets for healthy relationships! Pauls’ book Healthy Relationships is a favorite.

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As a former high-school senior class teacher, Paul understands the challenges facing incoming college students. Moreover Paul personally knows what transfer students go through as he himself attended a community college where he graduated with a 3.8 GPA before entering UCF, where he graduated Cum Laude. As a worldwide professional speaker Paul has touched more than 50 countries and 6 continents, greatly inspiring international students throughout the world.

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