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Film Producer Needed for Global Fun, Cross-Cultural Film

When you feel your spirit awaken you to the vision let’s do it! I’m sure you’ve got all the key connections to make it happen!

Imagine how funny it would be cross-culturally to interview people and watch them respond to the power of God?

Funny examples:
– Asians and their super long “lucky mole hair”
– Malaysians in E. Malaysia with their 10 lbs weights hanging from their ear lobes causing holes big enough to put your fist through
– Thai (Chang Mai) long necked ladies
– Indonesians in Wamena “naked and not ashamed”
– Tribal folks in Irian Jaya with 15 inch long fingernails
– Going on a safari in Africa and talking to the Masai who drink blood
– Muslims running to the altar to receive Christ when they’ve seen the power of God save, heal,and deliver people of demons

– Talking to terrorists about the peace and love of God – worldwide wild man, minister & life-changing author /


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