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ExpoTV tricks, gimmicks & greed to deny videographers reviewing products & destinations payment

Surprisingly I discovered some of’s tricks, gimmicks and greed by which they deny videographers reviewing products & destinations on their website proper and full payment.

I received an email from ExpoTV today telling me:

“To qualify a video view for payment under the Pay Per Play promotion, a video must be played in its entirety. A video play will be determined and recorded by Expo in its sole discretion. Additional
restrictions may apply.”


Could ExpoTV be any more vague and ambiguous to give ExpoTV every opportunity to cheat and withhold income from their videographers? Unlike Google, YouTube, and any other reputable pay-per-click website on the Internet, ExpoTV likes to avoid paying per click by inserting funky stipulations like:

1.  A video must be played in its entirety.

2. Additional restrictions may apply.


Well it certainly would be nice, ethical and proper for ExpoTV to inform its videographers of these stipulations beforehand before ripping off their videos and not adequately paying them for their intellectual property.


Another concern of mine pertains to “friend referrals” as ExpoTV cleverly places a box alongside the newly joining questions members referred friends seemingly must click for them to get paid the $5 for the referral. – consumer advocate, worldwide speaker & author of 17 life-changing books empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!







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