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Warm greetings from sunny Florida!

I am delighted to hear of your many changes as you transition to triumph at your school.

Change is good and always leads to personal growth and maturation. Therefore as an educator motivator, former educator, and author of “Teacher Success & Survival Secrets” I feel I am the perfect remedy for your current situation and able to provide the right inspirational talk to enliven the troops, empower educators, and bring the dream team together to achieve greatness.

Teaching is not a job, but rather a calling requiring heartfelt dedication and a continual vision without which we become dry and weary in well doing.

Allow me to breathe fresh life into your leadership, organizational structure, and provide a positive outlook (giving the naysayers a check up from the neck up), while empowering your staff to be overcomers and uplift troubled youth above their current situation.

As a son of a drug addict and alcoholic who struggled with my identity and self-image as a young child, I understand the battle many youth today face at home and in schools. Although I received a D on my progress report in Science in 6th grade, after my father spanked me for poor grades (although he never taught me how to study to do well in school), somehow I figured it out and began making As and was awarded the most improved student in Science class by the end of the year.

Furthermore I went on to excel in baseball in high school and graduate from UCF Cum Laude in 3 years at the age of 20. I therefore know the secrets to empower students to achieve greatness academically and athletically.

As the author of “Academic Success For Better Grades” I understand what today’s youth need to know to not just survive but thrive in any academic setting despite their socioeconomic challenges.

Most importantly however I want to breathe fresh life and love into the hearts of your staff and educators so they can again come together, forgive, forget the past, live and awaken the dreams and aspirations of your students.

With heartfelt compassion for your school and academic leaders.

Paul F Davis



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