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Live from the Heart

Live from the heart. Do your best, pray that it’s blessed, and forget about the rest.

Be good to yourself and everyone else. Be merciful and understanding. Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and resist the urge to judge. Love unconditionally, smile often, and lend a helping hand whenever you can.

Most importantly live from the heart and live your way.

Never feel guilty for being you. Be true to yourself and be authentic. – worldwide speaker and author of “Healthy Relationships”

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Life Balance – Cultivating Peace & Inner Harmony

Life at times can be so stressful as we inwardly yearn and endeavor to journey to the place where we desire to be in our lives. Nevertheless along the way we must cultivate inner peace, happiness and harmony.

We must learn to enjoy the journey en route to the destination.

This is more easier said than done, given the extent of human impatience in the midst of any process leading to personal progress.

Keep your head up and your heart calm. Maintain your composure and remember that this may be your last day on the planet. Since there are no guaranties of tomorrow, live every day fully and as if it might be your last.

Be well and live your dreams daily. – worldwide speaker, life coach & author of 17 books

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