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The Secret – Love Never Fails

Often what is most profound is also most simple. Love is the spirit by which all things should be done and pursued. Otherwise we trample over others in route to our own success.

However when you disregard other human beings to enhance and enrich yourself, eventually it will catch up to you and the blowback will not be kind. Hence before you climb the ladder of success, make sure your ladder is leaning on the right building.

Love people, all people, no matter their stature or societal position. By loving everybody instead of burning bridges, you build a pathways to happily crossover into your desirable future.

Remember everybody knows somebody and it has been said you are only seven degrees of separation away from the person capable of promoting you to the next level in your life.

The quickest way to grow personally is by the books you read and people you associate with. Therefore walk in love and cultivate meaningful relationships with everybody. Even if just to show yourself cordial, share the milk of kindness and live long.

I very much enjoy recognizing and honoring people who do jobs that often go unappreciated – such as the lunch room lady, the cleaning attendant, the bathroom janitor, and the trashman who regularly visits my home.

When you love and uplift others, you love and uplift yourself simultaneously. Curiously somehow serendipitously we are all interconnected and inwardly joined together. Therefore by showing mercy and love, you uplift yourself within to live big and win! – worldwide speaker and author of Healthy Relationships

Invite Paul to speak in your city and impart the spirit of love.


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