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The Secret – Visualize & Materialize Success

A powerful and often forgotten secret is the ability to visualize & materialize success. A former prisoner of war ina torture chamber suffering to minimize the pain (thinking to himself why suffer inwardly because I’m suffereing outwardly) visualized himself playing his best rounds of golf.

When the POW got out of prison and solitary confinement, he returned home where he played his best round of golf ever! Although the POW had not played a round of golf for over 2 years, because he had played by visualization in the chambers of his imagery, the man beat his best score through the power of visualization.

Visualize and materialize success in your life.

Even the Bible says, “See the word of the Lord, oh generation!” (Jeremiah 2:31) I pray your eyes, even the eyes of your heart, open to visualize and behold all the Creator has in store for you.

Let the chambers of your imagery awaken and your imagination come forth to achieve great success as you visualize your way to the future, walking by faith not by sight.

Your best days and most blessed days are ahead of you! – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of 17 books including Supernatural Fire

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