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Bullied to Death: Sexual & Cyber Bullying on Oprah – How Kids Can Fight Back

I recently saw a segment on cyber bullying on Oprah discussing how three young boys were devastated and brought to depression as a result of bullying occurring at school.

Sexual slurs and cyber bullying was involved in one of the three cases, where a guy and young lady posed as if there was a romantic interest in the young man who was being teased and accused of being gay. The young boy was certainly not gay.

Although he wasn’t the greatest student or athlete, he wasn’t gay. But these slurs and the cyber bullying further crushed him emotionally to the point he hated school and never wanted to go back.

Eventually unable to cope and take it, sadly the young boy committed suicide. It’s unfortunate he did not confide in and speak to his loving parents, but I guess there was embarrassment in even the accusation of being gay itself.

Schools often intervene very little in sexual bullying. Cyber bullying is even less regulated as it occurs online. The young lady posed to like the boy, but later met him face to face calling him a “loser” and expressed her disinterest in him. Very cruel and hurtful indeed.

Here are some secrets for kids to use to be victorious over sexual & cyber bullying.

1. Be secure in yourself no matter what anybody else says.

2. Speak up for yourself and don’t silence your voice.

3. Tell the principal and every administrator in your school along with teachers until you find a sympathetic soul who will listen and take immediate action.

4. Get some sarcastic one liners to say back to the bully at the appropriateĀ time when other kids are around to embarrass him or her as they have you.

5. Phone the bully’s house around 8:30pm or later to speak to his / her parents and tell them of the abuse occurring against you. Forewarn the parents that unless they take immediate action, you will be going to the principal, police and hiring an attorney. (The last one usually comes with economic restitution and punitive damages the parents of the bully would have to pay financially for not intervening and dealing with their child.)

6. Write the facts and truth about the bully online yourself, which is a great way to be heard and shame the bully.

7. Take martial arts classes and prepare to defend yourself if a physical altercation occurs.

Be strong, be wise, and never despise yourself. The next time the bully picks on you, stand up to him / her and be victorious! – worldwide speaker, life-changing author, and life coach for parents & kids

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Sexual Bullying, Boy Suicide & Oprah’s National Conversation

Dead tired after a long day of teaching high school 11th and 12th grade ESL to international students (mostly Latino and Haitian) and a gruelling workout at the gym, I found myself watching Oprah accidentally after enjoying the Travel Channel with Samantha Brown.

To my utter shock I was speechless when I saw the episode covering sexual bullying and the suicide of two young boys in middle school following being continually called gay by cruel kids.

The era in which we live being so sexually oriented via the media, music, and movies has had a harmful effect on our nation’s youth. What just a decade or two ago was unheard of is no commonplace in schools. As an ESL teacher working my first year here in Florida’s public schools, I have quickly discovered some cultural sexual slurs that Latino and Haitian young men typically use on one another.

Latino young men often playfully call one another “monicon” and Haitian young men “massisi” (both which mean gay or faggot). Thankfully most young men don’t take this sort of thing seriously. However when middle school students and boy in particular are in their formative years and entering puberty, their masculinity is very fragile and developing.

Therefore I can understand the deep hurt and pain caused by sexual bullying and sexual slurs at school, which cause cruel embarrassement publicly to these boys.

Undoubtedly after seeing Oprah’s show tonight, I will be having a conversation with my classes tomorrow. Certainly young women are not exempt as I have heard of fights among ladies breaking out in high schools and sexual slurs and bullying there as well.

With the “No Child Left Behind” national initiative the focus has become so academic focused many guidance counselors have not been given ample time to address such issues, but they need to be addressed thoroughly and immediately in all of our schools.

Certainly this issue must be addressed fully and I intend to write a book about it. Incidentally, I just released my new book today “Empowering & Liberating Women”. – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of 18 books

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