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PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Army PTSD vs. Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis & Payment Benefits

It seems the Department of Defense has taken the undisclosed internal stance when medical providers and psychologists review soldiers returning home from their “tour” of duty, after having been in harms way from combat in Afghanistan and Irag, to prefer to diagnosis those suffering with PTSD as having an “anxiety disorder” to thereby minimize the amount of financial payment of benefits due the soldiers who served.

Apparently some at the Army Medical Command aren’t as generous and supportive of the troops as we may think.

If any soldier or veteran has experienced such please kindly reply hereon with a comment to document such. If you wish to remain anonymous you may write a fictitious name but due please note where you served and the exact phyical and mental struggles you now suffer with after combat.

Paul F Davis – author of United States of Arrogance and Poems That Propel The Planet

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, The Dark Side of War

PTSD: war’s inhumane lifelong legacy
Post traumatic stress disorder
This isn’t a personality disorder
This is the dark side of war
The after effects which rot your core
The lingering traumatic imagery
That reminds you of war’s insensitivity
Something you don’t want anymore
Yet it stays nearby and never leaves you
Torments you in the late night hour
Weighs heavy on your heart to devour
Sweeps away your mental stability
Draining and depleting all tranquility
The remembrance of innocent humanity
Dying brutally and that unnecessarily
During a cruel killing combat mission
You couldn’t return, no permission
Locked into battle, the enemies scatter
Countless skulls you violently shatter
Shrapnel causes blood to spew and splatter
Medics on the field wonder if it does matter
Why war and all the political chatter?
Surely from war no society is any better.
Meanwhile the men miserably fight on
Though their hearts are somewhat gone
Their tender souls torn and forlorn
Quietly and inwardly they deeply yearn
To pack up their bags and try to return
To civilization, to see their family and nation
Anything to get away from such devastation
Killing is creepy and comes with inhibition
Yet the military labors psychologically
To program you mentally for your safety
To protect yourself and when necessary kill
Blow up, bomb, wound, and blood spill
No time to think, ponder, or fully feel
Do as your told, be brave, and bold
Your commanders want to make and mold
You into a combat ready soldier and killer
Until theatres of war become a thriller
Nevertheless going blindly into battle
Is like being a gullible, desperate gambler
Going after what is around the corner
Suddenly “Boom!” another suicide bomber
After a while you don’t know who to trust
A few fatalities and combat buddies later
You are ready to go full force with this thrust
Annihilate every breathing thing to dust
Lest they again attack, maim, and kill us
At the end of the day of killing well done
Your memories torment with things gruesome
Battle weary, you pray for relief to come
Put an end to the needless strife someone
Killing, killing, and more killing is no fun
Post traumatic stress causes much unrest
Soldiers and their families do confess
Therefore it is safe to say, no war is blessed.                                    http://

by Paul F Davis – author of Poems That Propel the Planet – Love, Liberation & Reconciliation


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