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New Employer & Job Offer: Questions to Ask Before Going to Work for a Company

I’m eager to learn more about your company and specifically the financials for compensation (and earning potential) before agreeing to be work for your company.

I would first need to know:

1. What type of training you offer your employees for professional development?

2. Compensation per hour and incentive structure to improve performance and be a high achiever?

3. Compensation based on sales of services & products? Any additional incentive structure?

4. What training manuals or books you provide your employees? (both as a resource and potential product to sell)

5. What your recommended reading list would be to your prospective employees to further their professional development and prepare them for the job?

Upon hearing back from you in regard to the above, I am confident I can make a more informed decision about the position.

Sincere thanks for your upcoming response,

Paul F Davis – career coach, life-changing author & worldwide speaker


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