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Exorcise Devils & Demons, Healing Miracles, Revival

Exorcise devils & demons, healing miracles, revival. Devils & demons in church. Fun, faith, force & foolishness. Holy Spirit power to melt hearts, speak to hard heads & liberate the oppressed. Paul in France exorcise & dealing with demons. Invite Paul ( to minister in your city! Exorcise devils & demons, experience healing, miracles, revival & live free!

Building a New Generation to Revive the Nations

Awaking America and the Church

Birthing a Revolution to Bring our Nation back to God

Positioning You for the Next Wave of God

Stripping and Strengthening You to Live in God’s Presence

Equipping and Empowering You to Change Your World

Articulating and Demonstrating a Gospel of Power

Taking You into a Season of the Suddenlies of God

Challenging the Young, the Old, and the Restless to Embrace God’s Best

Exposing the Enemy of Your Soul and Making You Whole

Loving, Lifting, and Liberating You from the Fear of Man

Taking You from the Pew into the Presence, Person, and Power of God

Preaching the Gospel Demons and Denominations Don’t Want You to Know

Imparting Heavenly Vision and Impregnating You with Divine Purpose

Giving You Something to Dance and Shout About

Translating You from Misery to Victory; from Tragedy to Triumph

Taking You from Education to Revelation; from Information to Inspiration

Turning up the Heat, So You can See the Light

Invite Paul to speak / minister in your city!

….you won’t be disappointed. Let God turn your disappointment into a divine appointment to revolutionize your life!


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