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Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker & Drunk Driving Detour – Escape the Death Trap Before You Self-Destruct

Escape the Death Trap! Survivor Secrets Before You Self-Destruct.



Paul F. Davis grew up the son of a mother (a former high school cheerleader and honor graduate) who was an alcoholic and substance abuser. As a child Paul saw his beloved mother self-destruct and torment his grandparents as a result of alcoholism and using every drug imaginable. Ironically, Paul’s mother (a former drunk driver herself) was killed when crossing the road as a pedestrian when an 18 year-old drunk driver hit her – killing her on impact.


Dead on arrival, police awaited the return of the young drunk driver who left the scene of the accident. Upon returning, the police video (which Paul later painfully watched) showed the young man crying and screaming, “I can’t live with this on my mind!”


Paul a former lifeguard and fitness trainer doesn’t drink alcohol to this day. Yet Paul doesn’t condemn those who do and kindly serves as the designated driver whenever anybody close to him drinks.


Ironically, after a childhood of pain and hell as a result of substance abuse and drunk driving, Paul himself was hit and nearly killed in July 2008 by a drunk driver (a two-time DUI offender driving after her license was revoked). The 61 year-old lady barreling down the road in a large Chevy truck, driving drunk at 4:40PM on a Tuesday afternoon, hit Paul’s car repeatedly (completely totaling it and nearly killing Paul) without stopping, attempting to flee the scene of the accident, after which she hit and totaled a parked car before being arrested by police.


For nearly five months Paul drove numerous rental cars, while battling his insurance company to be financially compensated to purchase a replacement vehicle for his automobile totaled by the negligible drunk driver. Even worse Paul spent days and nights in hospitals and doctors’ offices receiving medical treatment after the accident for injuries, which still cause him pain and trouble to this day. The added stress and strain medically and financially also negatively effected Paul’s marriage as logistically he and his wife shared the one vehicle the drunk driver totaled.


Personally encountering the crooked and fraudulent business practices of tow truck companies, medical professionals, insurance claims adjusters, and car salesmen added additional aggravation and suffering to Paul’s life at a time when he was most vulnerable.


Nevertheless Paul persevered and battled through it all to stand tall, becoming a voice of conscience to substance abusers, drunk drivers, they who prey on victims of catastrophic accidents, and those suffering through seasons of tragedy turning their world upside down.


Paul F. Davis is a substance abuse victim and survivor. Paul inescapably speaks with passion, empathy, and heartfelt conviction to awake the conscience of the irresponsible and ill informed. Paul is a worldwide and frequently requested substance abuse prevention speaker, who has touched over 50 countries and 6 continents, bringing hope to the hurting, healing families, and transforming people of all ages to live responsibly.

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