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Jobs for Kids & Teenagers: Kids & Teenagers Earning More Money Than Mom & Dad

Hi Moms and Dads,

Looking for a good, solid job for your kids.

Consider what I told a 16 year old Australian teenager who wanted to work with me when she realized for every speaking engagement I get because of her referral she’d make 20% (like a speakers bureau charges) for promoting me. What that amounts to monetarily for a $5,000 speaking engagement is $1,000 in a teenagers pocket!

Far better than slaving away flipping burgers or taking pizza orders, or doing hard labor for a month. My Australian friend was stoked to learn she could work an hour a week emailing schools and people of influence about me or just talk to some people face to face over the phone and make more than her parents who work 40+ hours a week.

I said to her:

You’re smart!

Most people (LOL) prefer to work hard ….as that’s all they know, but the few who work smart have more time to have fun and play.

I prefer to work smarter and enjoy my life while everybody else is slaving away at their 9-5 job. I think you’re a lot like me and can agree you’d prefer the easier route, which actually is far more rewarding both financially and by reason of the influence you can have upon peoples lives.

So to cut to the chase…everywhere and anywhere you can say, “Hey, I know this really cool guy from America! He’s a motivational speaker empowering people to live their dreams. He comes to schools, colleges, universities, churches, companies, businesses, organizations, wherever! Let’s invite him to speak to us!”

If they say “Yes!” and I come. Whatever I get paid, you get 20%. So if you have a fun personality and have the gift of gab, or can send out an email to people of influence, decision makers in schools, colleges, principals, school district superintendents, etc. you could be my partner in crime (well not crime – LOL – but doing well doing good).

Some foolish and misinformed people don’t think schools have money. Oh yeah, every homeowner in your city pays property taxes – the bulk of that money goes to schools. Principals have a certain allotment of funding every year (discretionary funding) in which they can choose to bring in inspirational, motivational speakers to enrich the lives of their students.

As for colleges, look closely at your tuition fees (within which you will see an itemized break down of fees – one of which is the “student activities fee”) ….the fee is usually between $20 to $100 and multiply that by tens-of-thousands of students and colleges and universities have a lot (a very lot) of money to bring in speakers, comedians and entertainers. Of course we want them to bring me in so let’s stick to motivational speaking with funny & heartfelt stories to inspire you!

So if they ask you, “How much does he charge?” Just say, “I don’t know but he’s a phenomenal speaker and awesome.” Why not contact him directly at I’m sure you can work out all the details with him.

Take them to my website and watch the videos of my speaking to kids, youth & colleges:

I’ve got nearly 400 videos on YouTube so depending on the age group, just let me know and I will give you all the ammunition you need to represent me!

Some internet savvy kids are even quickly compiling all of the principals contact info via google, facebook, linked in and other websites and than mass emailing them a personal letter with a testimonial about how awesome my messages are ….sending them the link (with YouTube videos) and telling the Principals and College Presidents & Deans, “When you invite Paul to speak, make sure you tell them Sarah told you about him!”

I look forward to working with you and watching you make a lot of money working an hour a day (and making all your friends who have jobs jealous).

Celebrating your success!

Your friend for global change.

Be different and make a difference!



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