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College Student Success Secrets: Tolerance, Multiculturalism & Upholding Diversity Among Students

As the world further integrates and draws closer together technologically, environmentally, and economically it is paramount that college and university campus life be increasingly inclusive and honor the vast diversity of its student body.

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My global travels to six continents and over fifty countries has taught me more than I could ever have imagined to learn academically. As a former ESOL (English to Students of Other Languages) teacher who lived in Taiwan, I got a full taste of what the cross-cultural experience is about. Homesickness and culture shock are among the many challenges I faced living and working abroad.

Thankfully, I embraced the challenge and began to think living overseas was actually quite fun. Most of my family and friends thought I was crazy. Yet I truly embraced the experience and went from surviving to thriving in foreign countries. I guess by living abroad and being surrounded by things foreign, I came to trust my heart and instincts. After all, the intellect often does not know what to do with itself when there is no previous point of reference.

Cross-cultural and interpersonal interactions on foreign soil with people of whom you are little acquainted can either be challenging or taken as a joyous adventure to be celebrated. I took the posture and mindset of the latter, which resulted in me having some of the most joyous experiences throughout the world.

That being said, many colleges and universities today have hundreds if not thousands of international students living and attending classes on their campuses. Some colleges and universities are undoubtedly better than others when it comes to making international students feel welcome, celebrated, and a vital part of the academic community.

Here are some success secrets for college students to embrace multiculturalism, diversity, and happily show tolerance on their campus.

1. Meet and greet.

Take time to meet and greet new students. Instead of trying to size people up and guess what they are like, extend a hand of friendship and a smile to get to know someone new.

Remember what it was like for you when you first arrived at college or your university. It is certainly a bit intimidating and can be somewhat overwhelming.

2. Offer to help new students move in and get acquainted with your campus.

Disorientation and culture shock can frighten any of us, even moreso international students coming from afar. Therefore endeavor to be welcoming, kind, and hospitable. Offer to help new students move (or buy if necessary first) their belongings and furniture to their dorm or apartment. Kindly extend the invitation to take students around campus and show them where all the major facilities and student services can be found.

3. Invite new students to fun association, organization, and Greek life parties.

Make it fun for new students so they can relax and enjoy the experience of college / university life. Otherwise the natural tendency is to withdraw and go into seclusion. Isolation is not fun for anyone, not to mention when that happens we all miss out on the enjoyment of international students among us.

4. Be tolerant, respectful, and understanding of others differences.

Students here and from afar all have their own peculiarities, differences, and idiosyncracies. Be respectful, welcoming, polite, and tolerant no matter what differences might annoy or bother you. Allow people some space and freedom to be themselves.

Never try to force your views, ideology, or religion upon other people. That is the fastest way to make everybody feel uncomfortable and alienate future friends. Instead celebrate others’ differences and instead of trying to dissect and criticize their uniqueness, embrace and learn about it.

5. Cultivate meaningful and respectful understanding.

Although you may not agree with someone’s way of life or ideology, you can always grow in your respect and understanding of them as a person. Perhaps once you become closer and more acquainted, you can learn what circumstances and chain of events led a student to develop their views and be predisposed to their unique beliefs.

Life is a discovery process.

We all are forever learning. Be a lifelong learner and a welcoming individual who other students like being around. As you do, you years at college and university will be increasingly enjoyable and memorable.

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