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College Students First Year Experience and Students in Transition: College Student Success Secrets

Entering college as a first year student can be both intimidating and a bit challenging. When I entered Valencia Community and UCF, I made the mistake of not attending the orientation for new students. Little did I know there would be some extremely helpful information to help me get acquainted with the college and University.

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Looking back in retrospect, I would have definitely attended welcome week and orientation. Thankfully when I attended the FAMU College of Law orientation day, I became acquainted with the professors, deans, and the spirit of the college. It made the transition much more easier and far less intimidating.

Let’s face it making a transition, no matter what life transition it may be, is never easy. Transitioning into college as a new incoming student (whether you are fresh out of high-school, a transfer student from a community college, a graduate student, or seeking further professional career development) can be a bit daunting and overwhelming.

The social element too can be a bit alienating, as not knowing anybody on a college campus can leave you feeling alone. That is precisely why colleges and universities encourage new college students to attend orientation week.

I guess because I lived about an hour drive away from the college and university I attended, I never allowed myself to wholeheartedly integrate, participate, nor embrace the college experience. Truly I regret missing this great opportunity. Yet I did graduate from community college with a 3.8 GPA and UCF Cum Laude. So I certainly succeeded academically, but the social element was never fully developed, nor the professional relational component on campus maximized.

That is why I am writing this for new incoming college students. I want you to not make the same mistake I made early on by blowing off and not going to the orientation. Although some of the information you receive at orientation may not be exceedingly life-changing, the relationships you will make can be very reassuring and sustaining throughout your time at college (thereby life-changing on the long-term).

It has been said it is not always what you know, but who you know. This is quite true. Therefore be open to attending orientation when you begin college. If you are academically focused like me and trying to avoid social distractions, consider attending orientation at least to meet the college President, deans, student advisors, and some professors.

The transition from high-school into college was the best thing I ever did, as it pertains to my professional development and personal growth. I went from boyhood to manhood, where I embraced responsibility, cultivating success, and being proactive pertaining to my purpose and future career.

Amazingly, I went from a 2.8 GPA to becoming an A and B+ student. My only regret is I became so academically focused (blazing through college and University in 3 years, thanks to summer school where I took 15 hours, a full load two summers in a row) that I forgot the social element and cultivating meaningful relationships.

Therefore listen to me and when transitioning into college and university, take time to attend orientation and meet the college faculty, staff, and students on your campus.

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