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Personal Empowerment Secrets: Words, Worth & Wealth

One of the secrets to personal empowerment is learning how to keep your word. When we become steadfast, unshakeable and unmoveable in regard to keeping our word, being on time and fulfilling our promises it strengthens our heart, mind and resolve to thereby empower and propel our future. Once you have a rock solid iron will, whenever you say you’re going to do something your heart, mind and body will immediately arise, stand up and come into alignment to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

However for those who continuously over commit and under deliver, their souls become diluted, divided and distracted not knowing what to give themselves to wholeheartedly based upon past verbosity and lack of commitment to deliver. Hence a weakened soul and life is the result of not keeping your word.

Words are powerful. Therefore to empower your life – do yourself a favor, be quick to hear and slow to speak. Also test the people in your life and those close to you who you’ve given special access to in your life. Test and examine the extent of their commitment and covenant. As you do, you might awaken to and discover the harsh reality that some people in your life are subtracting and not adding, depleting your energy, exhausting your emotions and distracting your focus.

Give back to yourself today by rediscovering the power of your words and evaluating how many in your life keep their word to you.

Personal empowerment secrets to help you propel your purpose and guard your heart and time from people who are dead weight in your life.

Lastly, more opportunities are coming for those who have proven themselves to be people of character and integrity. I don’t give just anybody access to me, because I know words, worth and wealth are all inexplicably and irrevocably tightly tied together.

Most people carry more weight around bodily then they do verbally when they speak.

Paul F Davis – worldwide speaker, life coach and author

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